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What should I do?

Asked by cecildooderbop (192points) July 11th, 2008

The toenail on my left big toe is now split in half horizontally. So only half of the left side is split into the middle. make sense? well what should i do?

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Leave it! Ugh… When that happens to me it’s always hard to not pick at it, but it would be very painful, and could permanently uglify your toe. I sometimes even cover it in a pliable tape, like surgical or masking tape, so that it won’t catch on anything, and so I don’t have to look at and be irritated by it.

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Like monsoon said, tape your toe it if you’re concerned about accidentally jostling it.

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If you were just to tape it up and conceal it how would it grow? This bit of information is probably quite vital, will the cut part grow quicker then the still joined part? Do you leave it on and cut it down slowly like you normally would so it grows back normally? I can’t help answer these I’m just wondering because hiding it doesn’t take away the problem.

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Ow! I’d want to tape it up or something to keep it from keeping caught on something (socks, sheets and so on). I hate to say it but you might need to see a doctor and have it removed. Good luck!

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I worked for a podiatrist, and here’s what we told patients with this situation to do. As the others suggested, tape it and out a little neosporin on the bandage to avoid infection. Unfortunately, this is all you can do. The nail will either grow out normally, or fall off after a certain length of time.

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Yeah, don’t tape it tightly. You’re not trying to hold it together, just keep little bits of things from catching on it. A better term would probably, surround it with tape.

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@Skyrail taping it is not to hide it. It’s to keep something from snagging it (sock etc) and causing further damage. It will continue to grow normally if there isn’t too much damge, or fall off.

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you can soak it in hot water. Also but a bandaid on it, because like scamp said it can snag and rip it more. My sister’s toenail had a big cut in it, and a sock ripped the toenail right off.

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Yeh, sorry that’s an oversight on my behalf. I was just wondering how the nail would grow under cover. Thanks scamp.

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You’re very welcome Skyrail

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