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What is your wish?

Asked by Here2_4 (7142points) November 23rd, 2014

You are holding one side of the wishbone. I am holding the other. We are just about to pull. What have you wished?

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I wish I could pass my incoming exams.

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I want you to win.
It’s true. Ever since I had kids I’ve wanted the other person to get the top.

I’m still thinking about what I would wish for.

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If I tell you it won’t come true.

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I’d tell @JLeslie but then it won’t come true.

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After a difficult childhood and life, I’ve found happiness and am fulfilled. My wishes now – in any context – are mostly about my son finding inner peace and fulfillment and having less of a struggle than I did. I do sometimes wish for a cure for my chronic, progressive, autoimmune disease, as well – for myself and all my friends who suffer.

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Everything would have good and bad associated with it. To wish to win the lottery, for example, would mean financial independence yet the pitfalls of being rich (privacy issues, my kid being a risk of being kidnapped, people all asking me for money, etc.). I’ll have to think long and hard about this one. Meanwhile, it’s 9:15 and I have to get in the shower to take my daughter to school for a Thanksgiving event (yes it’s Sunday. Did I tell you guys on another thread that I’m always running?).

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Aw come on, guys. Quit teasing!
@jca, you can be excused until later without a note.

My wish is for more pumpkin pie, but this time with enough whipped topping to last until the final bite.

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I’d wish for a woman 10 years younger, with a perfect body, and doesn’t need a lot of attention.

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I admit it. I’m obsessed with money.

Unlimited wealth.
Not to hoard, but to enjoy and share. I want to make the Kroc’s benevolence look pitiful.
You can have ½. Hell, it’s unlimited!

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I wish for the long side of the wishbone.

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I wish for football to become illegal.

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I wish that this wasn’t a wish. Boom. Now what?

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I wish that turkey were still alive & ......sob, whimper

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@ucme , without his wishbone?

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I’ll take 200 thousand per year after taxes, given to me (not so I have to work for it). That would enable me to be free from having to work for the big man, yet not filthy rich where it would be overwhelming. I’m not looking for millions in one shot, nor do I want all the problems associated with it.

Of course, another great wish is a guarantee that I live a long healthy life, and my daughter does, too. Throw my whole family into that mix.

The jury is still out as to what I would wish for.

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For things to ease up on him for a while…it’s been one thing after another lately.

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To visit my friend in the hood, catch a stray bullet to the head and escape this rat trap to Paradise.

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I want to live in a little cottage by the beach.

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To fix my broken wings, and fly from my cage to eternal bliss.

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I wish Taco Bell was closer to my house. I know, standards… Don’t judge me.

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Ew. Ew. I wish all the Taco Bells would become the old Taco Ticos.

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I haven’t been to Taco Bell in years! I wish someone would bring me a chalupa or something.

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We have one of the few remaining Taco Ticos in a neighboring town.

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I’d have to wish for World Empathy.

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