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If you sleep a bit in the afternoon, do you wake up refreshed or unwell and even worse than before?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21745points) November 23rd, 2014

Instead of feeling renewed, have you felt groggy, nauseous or woken up with a headache after an afternoon sleep?

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i feel refreshed after an afternoon nap.
it is the actual sleep during the night that wrecks me in the morning.

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Worse, I never come out of the grogginess phase. On rare occasion I can take a 20 minute power nap, more like a deep zen like meditative moment, but if I actually fall deeply asleep I am done for the rest of the day. I prefer to stay awake and go to bed early over napping.

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It depends on the nap and how willing my body is to sleep.
The good, refreshing nap is when I fall asleep quickly and in a comfortable position. It lasts no more than an hour and afterwards, I feel awake and ready to do stuff.
More often than not, I’ll have a nap that results in me being groggy, confused, and more tired.

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In my younger days I woke up from naps feeling groggy and would have a heard time sleeping that night. But nowadays I can—and do—take naps almost daily, and usually wake up feeling refreshed and energized, and I have trouble sleeping that night.

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The only naps that help me are mid-morning naps. Anything later makes me feel worse.

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I always feel groggy and ill and much worse if I nap during the day. I only nap if I am very ill.

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I don’t usually take naps but if I do, a short 30 minute nap refreshes me. Any nap longer than that makes me feel miserable, groggy, irritable and weak.

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I haven’t slept in the afternoon since I was a baby, apart from that one time I watched War Horse on telly ZZZ zzz zzzz

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It depends on why I napped. If it was due to exhaustion, then I wake refreshed and raring to go.

If I napped because I was bored or ill, I’ll likely be fuzzy headed the rest of the day.

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It depends on how long I sleep for. It’s not uncommon for me to fall asleep mid-afternoon at the weekend. As long as I only sleep for 30–60 minutes, I’m pretty refreshed. If I sleep for longer, I’ll be groggy. It probably relates to the level of sleep I descend into.

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