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What is your opinion about a woman who wears a mini in 54-57 deg. temperature?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) November 24th, 2014

I just had to ask to see if the opinion line up with real people. What would you believe the motivation for a woman who would wear a mini in weather traditionally considered too cold for the fashion: nothing else to wear, proud of her gym work, lived in Greenland or Prudhoe Bay Alaska, desperate to catch a man, conditions to losing a poker game, etc.?

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Maybe she is a street worker. Or a government employee , with a dress code.

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@talljasperman Maybe she is a street worker
If it were night, maybe a plausible answer, but late morning in a residential neighborhood….as low as that fruit is hanging, I don’t think it is hanging that low.

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It would be better to wear an active cooling suit in that kind of heat. I would hope she at least wears tons of sunblockers.

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Only if it were Celsius
For those using it, 13 deg. <tick, tick>

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13 C is not that cold?

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Maybe she just loves mini skirts. Perhaps she has fabulous legs and is so into fashion she’ll put up with the cold because she thinks they’re her best feature. Maybe she’s going out and will only be in the cold for a short period of time. I probably wouldn’t think much about it to be honest @Hypocrisy_Central.

As a woman, I’ve worn some crazy clothes. I’ve stood in the middle of the city in a strappy dress and shoes with no coat in the middle of winter (in the UK). The buses went on strike so the normally short cab queue was miles long. Did I think about standing in the cold when I got ready to go out to party, not really. I just wanted to wear my pretty dress and shoes and practical wasn’t high on my list of requirements. I go out wearing silly shoes now on occasions. I know they’re going to hurt my feet by the end of the night, but they look great! So I’ll wear the pain for an occasional night.

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My first thought is she has a good body and wants to show it off. My second idea is she is young and therefore doesn’t get cold like the rest of us older people. My third thought was that she is a whore, but the chances of that are not great. More just that she wants to show off. I assume with the mini skirt in chilly weather she was wearing some kind of jacket.

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I think I have it. She got drunk last night and spent the night in a friends house and just woke up and didn’t have anything to wear except her bar clothes.

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@jca I assume with the mini skirt in chilly weather she was wearing some kind of jacket.
Why yes, she did have a jacket, and far nicer than you’d expect a student or whore to have.

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@Hypocrisy_Central The jacket is borrowed. Was she wearing shame and guilt? Maybe she stayed at a guys house overnight.

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13C is not that cold. Anyway, what do I care why she wants to wear what she wants to wear? I have no opinion of her based on her clothing.

Oh yeah – and I am a real person, by the way.

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Maybe it’s as simple as she likes the way she looks in it. Her business, not ours.

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I’m sure that it’s absolutely none of my concern.

One has to assume that she dressed herself, and that she was aware of what she selected this morning. And that she has the smarts to do something about it if she is cold. Spending time speculating about why she’s wearing something that is perhaps unseasonable is simply the occupation of people who need a hobby.

People say, do, wear, write, – you name it – things that other people might find bizarre every day.

Life is too short.

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When I lived in New York you’d see women wearing mini skirts when the weather was in the low 40’s. This was at 9 am in midtown Manhattan, hardly the time or place you’d see a “whore” cruising the streets.

Some women just like skirts.

And I was seriously just thinking to myself earlier today, “Hypo is due to ask another question about women’s clothing soon.”

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Indifference, a woman can wear what she wants to wear.

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That temp is comfy, so she is wearing comfy clothes.

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If she likes the way she looks and she’s comfortable with it, more power to her. The sexist judgemental crap is so much bullshit.

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If you’ve got it flaunt it is what some think. Young, hot and will do anything to draw looks!

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It is not necessary to have an opinion about everything. It is not required that I assess this woman’s psychology. So I won’t. I can register the fact of her appearance without guessing the reasons for it, which is what I do in just about every other case.

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