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What activity do you do that would make some people think you're a criminal?

Asked by crissy14 (631points) November 25th, 2014

Do you have road rage? Do you dress in all black and run at night? Do you load your car with shovels at dark? Do you look suspicious doing anything?

Afterall, everyone looks guilty under a microscope.

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And why would we chose to admit a questionable offense in a public forum? You do realize that the NSA, FBI, and likely some local police read Fluther, don’t you?

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@elbanditoroso is that your answer, because you’re looking guilty…?


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I talk to kids.

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Well, I’m a guy. That’s enough to raise red flags if I stop to talk to neighborhood kids. It’s a shame that that’s the case, but there it is.

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@thorninmud Yep. I get it. I was at a local festival and some classes from a girls dance studio were performing. I did not watch them for the same reason.

That worked out very well by the way. The lines were much shorter at the food booths.

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I smoke weed and wear short skirts.

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^ @Haleth And you write intoxicating wine reviews!

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I carry a fire rescue Spax tool in my truck. I can stabilize and extract you from your car, shut off the gas to a building and open a fire hydrant in seconds.

But it looks like I’m planning a break-in.

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I’ve been known to get out of my car if another driver pisses me off.

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@LuckyGuy I don’t believe you’ll be stabilizing a car with that, unless you also have cribbing. Also not much you can do with a hydrant without a hose. Maybe you do have a hose and cribbing in your truck. You seem very 007’ish.

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@crissy14 The back end punctures sidewalls and drops the car to the ground in about 8 seconds. It is strong enough to cut sheet metal and bend door frames.
And a source of water is useful if you need it. You never know.

The tool was made in Western NY by the way.

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I jaywalk at every opportunity

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Performing some type of yard service when no one is home and there is no signage on your vehicle.

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Hey there are no criminal convictions on my record. So I drive what others might call aggressively. That’s their opinion.

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I sometimes wear a white suit & fedora & dance of top of parked cars, that’s right, folks think i’m a Smooth Criminal

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Hmmm. Well, back in the day cars were a lot easier to break into than they are now. I was pretty damn good at it. All you needed was a coat hangar. I was dressed for work (teaching) and I came across an older lady who had locked her keys in her 70’s style car. I happened to have a coat hanger with me, so I was able to unlock her car in a matter of seconds.
She watched me…then said, “And you look like such a nice person.” I LOL’d, and assured her that I was!

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I smoke pot and I don’t take either politics or religion seriously. This makes me a drug addled, anti-American, heretic. What better recipe for a criminal is there?

i also rob liquor stores at gun point but that’s more a robin hood thing i do on the weekends to help poor alcoholics who can’t help themselves

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I wave at little kids if they make eye contact. Oh the horror.

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No matter how legal it is, a part of me still feels “bad” for smoking weed. We all know it’s not a big deal, but growing up with “drugs are bad” always in your ear just conditions you.

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@FutureMemory I’m the opposite, where I intentionally avoid talking to kids because of this. I was at a house party where a guy and his preteen daughters were. The little women kept making eye contact with me and it just made me feel super uncomfortable because I don’t want mixed signals sent, so I barely talked to them the whole night while talking to everyone else :/

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I occasionally smoke weed too. I talk to kids and if I find them wandering around a store, I’ll take their hand and take them to a safe place/security guard or the like. When I stay in hotels, which I often do, I like to go wandering around and explore. Sometimes I give voice to what I’d like to do to some of our politicians. I’m a little more careful about that these days. See @elbanditoroso‘s response.

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At times I use to be a prankster, so to your question ill say I tend to turn away just at the moment when people react to silly lil things Ive done as a kid, such as putting salamanders in the coat pockets of the mean kids in my Middle School Classes, using Crazy Glue to permanently stop the combination locks from rotating, oh to get much joy to watch them struggle as I walked by. hehe :)

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@LuckyGuy “I can stabilize and extract you from your car, shut off the gas to a building and open a fire hydrant in seconds.

But it looks like I’m planning a break-in.”

Dude, that’s awesome! I don’t even have jumper cables in my car. They’re at the house. I keep forgetting to put them in the trunk.

“And you write intoxicating wine reviews!” Ahahaha. After we have wine tastings at the store, there are always half-finished sample bottles left over. The staff gets to take them home. It’s totally illegal to drive home with an open container. I’m always worried that I will get pulled over, the cops will search the car for some reason, and I’ll get in trouble for that. To THEM, it will look like I’m driving around with an open bottle of wine after drinking the first half.

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Aah so yet another confession of illegal behaviour from @Haleth!

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@Haleth My truck is ready for almost anything. I also have: fire extinguisher, jumper cables, a 400 Watt inverter, 75 ft extension cord, power strip, power tools, hand tools, work gloves, tow chains, get the idea. The back section of my Tahoe is covered with a molded pallet that acts like a hidden storage locker. Most of the utility stuff is under there. The fire extinguisher and Spax, however, are in the passenger compartment within immediate reach.
I hadn’t thought about the open container law. Here, too, it is illegal to drive with an open container but we also have the returnable bottle and can law. Almost everyone collects their cans and puts them in their car to take to the store for recycling or return. Isn’t that theoretically driving with an open container?
If a person is being nice and picks up a discarded beer can from the side of the road on the way to work are they now traveling with an open container?
No wonder kids toss their empties out the windows while cruising country roads.

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I’m young. That’s enough to some people.

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@Blackberry Yeah I can understand that. When I said I wave at kids they’re generally very small, maybe age 6 and under. I wouldn’t wave at a pre-teen, that would come off as just creepy. It’s sad though, isn’t it? We’re just friendly people yet we have to be careful how we’re perceived doing the most innocent and natural things.

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I don’t do anything, but I look like an extra from The Sopranos — and I don’t smile much. I’m kinda mobster-ish.

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^ @cookieman, that seems so unbelievable to me. You come across as this amazing, cuddly, warm person.

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@Earthbound_Misfit: Aww, thank you. I am kind of a teddy bear, but I look pretty scary (‘course I also have a pretty bad temper).

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Well if you’re a bear, that’s to be expected. You perhaps just have a scary resting face. Watch this from 1:50. On a different thread, I mentioned I’ve found the perfect Christmas gift for you. You could put it in your Santa letter. Have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family.

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I think I do have a scary resting face. I should have my daughter video me so I can see.

And, Mmm, cookie of the month club.

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