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Why are we required to wear shoes into a store?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42445points) November 25th, 2014

Shoes are just as dirty as bare feet. Maybe even more so, because if you step on something nasty with your bare feet, you know it. With shoes on, you don’t know it.

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I always figured it was a liability concern in case you stepped on something sharp or stubbed your toe or something. Plus, your shoes don’t pass around athletes foot and plantar warts to other shoes.

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It’s just gross not to. Ugh.

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Someone has to foot the bill <Basil Brush laugh>

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@ucme I got a KICK out of that one!

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@crissy14 Not in the arse sole I hope?

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I’d kick the curb before I went in barefooted.

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What @josie said plus common social courtesy.

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Ringworm, too.

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But what turned it into a “courtesy?”

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To hell with courtesy. Regarding hygiene, wouldn’t it be a responsibility of the person to not go into public with a spreadable disease? For instance, if someone has the flu, they get quarantined.

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But with things like plantar warts and athlete’s foot, you might not know you have them at first.

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^^ ” influenza

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Yep. Ebola.

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Would you sue them if you stepped on a piece of glass in the store?

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But I’ll bet a lot of other people would.

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Some people stage accidents at the store so they can sue.

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Besides, if I stepped on a piece of glass it would just annoy me.

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Because the stench of cheese feet from thousands of people would be unbearable.

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You could wear slippers if you were in your pajamas.

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Bacteria and foot fungus can be spread by bare feet.

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But, Lord, don’t whip out them food stamps or Dutchess will get her ass kicked again!

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@janbb . . . The Dude abides.

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Because that would make you a barbarian. You’re not a barbarian, are you? :p

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That’s just a social thing. And yes, I am a barbarian in the summer. :D

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Liability issues.

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It’s harder for folks nearby to smell your stinky feet! But they probably don’t want you to injure yourself and sue them frivolously.

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I never wear shoes!

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~Hangnail ~~~ jk

Accidents happen and people sue, broken glass makes for cuts on feet.

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(I have never encountered broken glass in a store…)

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I am sure it is for sanitary reasons, not to protect the feet.

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But how are feet more unsanitary than shoes that have been dragged through Lord knows what?

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What? You’ve never seen a kid (or clumsy adult) knock a glass bottle to the floor in a grocery store followed by the speaker system proclaiming “Cleanup on aisle four, Cleanup in aisle four”

My, what a sheltered life you lead :)


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Well, no, I haven’t. I’m sure it happens. I’ve just never experienced it. I’ll keep my eyes open, though.

Besides, as a said, stepping on a bit of glass annoys me more than hurts me. My feet are so tough something has to penetrate about an inch before I feel it.

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