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How much does it cost to lease a Canon printer?

Asked by weeveeship (4632points) November 25th, 2014

Does anyone know roughly (nearest thousand is fine) how much it costs per month to lease a Canon Black and White printer like this one?

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Less than $1000, most really solid multifunction copiers can be leased closer to $300 or so.

Found yours here for $143, but probably more by the time you figure in pages, accessories, and service.

I’d guess you could probably get one for a little less than the $300 with everything you’d need.

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Hey, thank you very much.

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You can buy one new for under $5000 with a month’s supplies. Figure on paying about 3 to 4 times the purchase costs to lease and getting a supply contract over a three year period on time.

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I assure you, Xerox is the way to lease, or purchase. I’ve leased three Canon color laser printers over the years. They break down, and the leasing agents always revise your contract without notice, claiming you use too much toner.

The Xerox machines are bullet proof reliable, the BMW of laser printers. The leasing agencies are independent from the company. Xerox makes their own toner. They never revise contract without notice. Their customer service is spectacular.

I would stay away from Canon lease for laser printer. I currently own four Canon wide format ink jet printers though. Bought them outright. Canon ink jet is pretty well made. My Xerox contract is over ten years old now, and I’m very happy with the company.

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