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If you have ever removed a skin tag without assistance from a doctor, what worked for you?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (6715points) November 25th, 2014

I have some skin tags that I would like to remove. Various methods have been proposed to me (duct tape, dental floss, binder clips, scissors), but I’m interested in what has worked for you.

What methods have you used, how well have they worked, and how much pain was involved?

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Yes, I have removed 2 skin tags on my own using finger nail clippers.

They bled a lot, for a good 15 mins or so, but other than that it worked perfectly. About as much pain as you’d expect. It was definitely worth it. (They were on the outside of each eye, super annoying. Wish I had done it sooner).

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^^^ Yep, nail clippers, quick and effective. Follow up with some antibiotic wash and ointment.

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I had some removed professionally. The tools were liquid nitrogen spray, tweezers, and scissors. The method was numb/freeze it with the spray, pull it away from the body with tweezers and cut it off with the scissors. I would imagine the canned air used to dust computers (with the can turned upside down) would work along with makeshift versions of the other tools.

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One was near my eye and I accidently tore it off.

I had three on my forehead, at least I think they were skin tags, they were a little different than others. It was like the skin was thicker, that I had lasered.

I totally think you can just use a nail clipper, alcohol it and your skin and get rid of it. I’m not sure if you risk it growing right back if you don’t get close enough to the skin. As @kevbo said, doctors usually pull it away from the skin and cut with scissors.

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I have removed a few by twisting on them and pulling on them frequently. Eventually they start scabbing up and can be pulled off completely. I did put hydrogen peroxide and/or antibiotic creme on them daily while doing that. These were on the back of my neck and the calf of my leg. It worked very well. This has been over a year ago and none have grown back. The pain was minimal.

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I have one on my chest that I refer to as my third nipple. I would miss it if it were gone.

The one on my eye however…...... I might try the nail clipper way. I have heard of it before and that they bleed profusely but maybe it is worth a shot.

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@rojo The two I had on either side of each eye bothered me for about 10 years. Really wish I had clipped ‘em sooner. They healed perfectly and never grew back.

That said, proceed with caution :)

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To add to what @kevbo said: back in ‘the day’ my aunt was the ear piercer, and she just had them hold an ice cube on their ear until it was numb. Probably slows the initial blood flow, as well.

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Small sharp scissors.

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I get them frequently on my shoulders and I nip them off with nail clippers while they’re still small. Very little pain or bleeding, I just rub a styptic pencil on it afterwards.

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Ouch!, @downtide! Styptic pencil.

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Small ones near my eyes. I would notice them when tweezing my eyebrows so I started to stretch and mess with them with the tweezers till they were flatter and thin. Then I just kept messing with them till they kind of got crusty, until one day I got the nerve to just pluck them. Then I just put some rubbing alcohol on it and pressed on it for a few minutes till the bleeding stopped and then put liquid band aide on it. (Not the spray kind) One bleed a lot an the other was squeezed so much that it was actually almost coming off on its own and it broke off easily enough.

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I don’t have skin tags but I took a couple off for a friend who had a couple on his side and wanted them gone. I disinfected the area and then used a sharp, clean x-acto blade. There was some blood but I put some gauze over it. He’s happy they are gone.

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My father use to make me help get rid of his. He would just pull them right off, much like Pandora said. Always follow up with antibiotic cream.

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Ouch. NO.

I was told that they were “White moles”. I was told to never mess with a skin mole. So my “tags” are intact.

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I’ve had two removed by dermatologist. He does the @seekingwolf method – scalpel and before you can blink your eyes, gone.

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