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HELP! iMac stuck in zoom- mouse scroll not working.

Asked by Dog (25046points) July 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I swear that I would call Apple on this if I had even the remotest chance of getting
through after all the iPhone crashes. Since that is futile I am asking you all to help me. My iMac is stuck in full zoom. My mouse scroll stopped working.

Here is what I HAVE tried:

Cleaning the mouse ( have done this 4+ x)
Restarting the compututer
Shut off computer

Every time it boots back to full zoom.

Please someone bail me out before I lose a full day of work!

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System Prefs—> Universal Access—> Seeing / Zoom: Off


System Prefs—> Keyboard & Mouse—> Keyboard Shortcuts: Uncheck “Universal Access: Turn Zoom On or Off”

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Thanks for the response.
Just did as suggested- a challenge in full zoom. Rebooting – keeping fingers crossed

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Booted back to full zoom.
Any other suggestions?

BTW-I zoomed using apple+Z

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I was going to go to the apple store and buy a new mouse until I remembered the release of the G3 and thought it would take 3 hours to get a mouse.

Then I got ticked off and abused the daylights out of the mouse- and IT WORKS!

Thanks so much PupnTaco for the help anyway!

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Restart while holding down Command + Option + P + R

Wait for the second chime, then release the keys

This resets all preferences and other settings on your iMac.

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Writing it down- THAT is handy information sndfreQ- Thanks

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That actually clears the PRAM and doesn’t change System Preferences settings.

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Just had this problem myself. A good solution to get the zoom to back out is holding ‘option’ + ‘command’ and the minus [ – ] keys.

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