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Do you carve turkey and chicken the same way?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9878points) November 27th, 2014

Do the same techniques apply to both kinds of fowl?

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Most people don’t carve chicken as far as I know. I do sometimes hack away at the breast of a whole chicken like I would a turkey, slicing it lengthwise across the top, but it doesn’t last long, because it’s so much smaller, and I am not presenting it to any one.

My exboyfiends family cut turkey breast in chunks, they didn’t slice it the way most Americans do. They weren’t American and their turkey was beyong belief good and they made it throughout the year.

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In both cases, I remove the legs and wings first. Then, cut off the breast as a whole chunk (down from the top and accross from the side). With the breasts entirely removed, you can then slice them evenly on a cutting board. Lastly, I flip the bird over and remove all the dark meat by hand.

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I do basically the same as you do for both chicken and turkey but you just managed to describe it much better than I :)

I feel that taking each breast side off in one large chunk keeps it moister for storage. Plus it’s easier to get even slices of the white meat and with each one having approx. The same amount of the delicious skin.

When people just start at the top and slice downward then the first cut from each side of the breast has the lion’s share of the skin. Not fair.

Plus, I think that the white meat left on the carcass tends to dry out much more quickly because of the greater surface area which is left exposed.

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Yes—very, very BADLY.

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I don’t carve chicken at all. I pull it apart by hand and serve the breasts and legs whole on the plate. But my father carves it, and does turkey the same way.

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Thank you all for your replies.

I was just wondering, because both birds look kinda the same when roasted, one just smaller than the other, that’s all.

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