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Finding fellow British members?

Asked by andgemvicdyl (73points) November 27th, 2014

I am a new member on and I would like to find fellow British members on this wonderful site , although I am interested in other Countries politics and social problems plus cultures and attitudes I have many issues with my own Country and the demise of it . I actually do live in the United Kingdom so please would you inform me if this site is purely for the United Sates ?

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No. We have or have had members from Australia, British Isles, Canada, South America, Iceland, Germany and Vietnam. I am certain there are others. Our only limitation is we must use English.

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No, there are plenty of Briitsh Jellies. Tons, in fact.

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@dxs Tonnes, surely. ;)

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We have lots of British members. Welcome to the collective!

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I’m British, but consider myself very much English.

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I’m a quarter British. Does that count? ~

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@longgone You only get a quarter of a crumpet and a quarter cup of tea.

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^ I love both of those, and I know hate you.

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Lots of Brits here, including me. Welcome to Fluther!

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I think we should discuss biscuits.

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I think the UK is cool, if that counts. I myself was born in France, although I’ve lived in various Canadian provinces most of my life.

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They even let Scottish people on this site.

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Brits on Fluther cool name – Bruther
Brits on Fluther shit name – Flits :D

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All are welcome here, innit.

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I say old bean, lay orf with the peasant talk, frightfully bad form don’t you know.

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I’m in Australia but I’m British by birth. Welcome to Fluther @andgemvicdyl.

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If Vietnamese are allowed why not Brittish? Welcome :)

P.S: FYI, currently I’m the only Vietnamese here. So Brittish aren’t the ones Fluther lacks

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We want more Vietnamese! We want more Vietnamese!

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