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Can your birth certificate ever be changed?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46938points) November 27th, 2014

Say you legally change your name to Moar Wine. Can you change it on your birth certificate if you want?

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Nope. You get your name changed legally, but not on the BC.

There have been cases of intersex people getting their birth certificate amended, but usually after a long court decision, and not guaranteed.

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Yes. If you are adopted, they issue a new one with the names of the new parents on it.

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It’s just a piece of paper.
If you know the right people, and you have some money to spread around, I bet you can change anything.

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There can be changes made, through the legal system. It isn’t something done from passing fancy.

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If you are adopted, as @jca points out, and also if you are born from a surrogate in some states she is on the first birth certificate andbthen it is changed to the parents. In other states the parents go immediately on the birth certificate.

I would assume if there is no father of record and late the father is found his name can be added? I’m not sure how that works.

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I know first hand your answer is correct, @jca! I’d forgotten about that.

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thank you @Dutchess_III. I wanted to show those who think it cannot be changed that they are incorrect.

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I was teasing Italian Princess on facebook, because she’s finding out what a hassle it is to change her name. She said she went to the DMV and they told her she had to change her SS first. I said, “And THEY’LL tell you have to change your birth certificate!”
She thought I was serious! :D Thus, this question.

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