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What burning internal desire would you die for?

Asked by Shut_Yo_Mouth (322points) November 27th, 2014

Let me see if I can relate. Not for God or country, or even family. For example, setting a record time in the 100m if you knew your heart would burst immediately afterwards. What fragments I know of the play I think it’s safe to call it a Faustian Bargain.

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Nothing. There’s nothing I want to do so badly I’d die for it. There are lots of things I want to do, and that I seriously want to do, but nothing that’s worth giving up my life for.

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A shot at being a (g)od. Also for my mom to live a happy life.

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What does your question have to do with the link to the definition of “angst”?

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Rock Star. I prefer to die of a heroin overdose after years of sex and drugs and rock ‘n roll.

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Travel to another planet.

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A therapist said I was like that, I was hoping you guys would figure it out for me.

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To be given the opportunity to kill all psychopaths in the Middle East who imagine that the path to enlightenment is to kill men and women who are curious about, or loyal to, the West.

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@josie has a good idea, but I would take another approach. It would be worth death if I took every last dollar which funds those guys, and electronically reroute it to soup kitchens, victims and families of victims, and the DAV.

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I would die to live.

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Realistically? Nothing.

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That place is one of extremes in violence and ideology, a boy must choose which radical to follow. Ever notice how some have this otherworldly look of serenity? Brainwashed. We are just a convenient distraction to shift their focus.
I’m feeling you, we can be outraged but not indignant about an attack on our own soil. At some time we are going to get burned, then get our hands dirty.
Those are my feelings.
Let me add “psychopath” is an antiquated term from Freuds’ time, no modern text uses it. In the common lexicon, as you use it, I understand.

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Can’t answer right now, i’m dying for a shit.

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@ucme that’s what laptops are for.

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Ahhhh, that’s better!
I’m now dying for a pint, can hear the pub calling.

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Wait for me.

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Haha, if you catch the next flight you might just get here before closing time…or not :D

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Do you believe the US actively wants to keep the region unstable, nuclear threat and all? We just have half the work, tribalism is already in place. Yes, Possible, No?
Stop messing my thread up with potty jokes!

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Lol poop.

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“Do you believe the US actively wants to keep the region unstable, nuclear threat and all?”
yes. nothing better to keep the populace in line than a big bad wolf.

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@Shut_Yo_Mouth <<<<<< that :D

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It’s his question

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