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Do you know any online support groups for PTSD people?

Asked by wsxwh111 (2464points) November 28th, 2014

As is asked. I’m in China where psychology is literally totally ignored. Actually they started this field only about 10 years ago. Less than five hundred psychology doctor among 1,300,000,000 people are really good enough to give appropriate treats on depression, and they’re busy giving only medication treats cause there’re so many people.
I’m 22, and it’s not until this year did I first saw the word PTSD in Night Shift, and not until a few days ago when this kind guy on Fluther suggest I check if I had it, did I realize I’ve been troubled and exhausted because of it since I was 3.
It was the abuse from my mother. I check this website on helpguide about this disease and about 20 symbols among the 25 listed I’ve been feeling my whole life. Every week, every day.
Due to the situation of psychology and mental care in China, I think it better not to rush to a therapist. I think I’ll try self-care first. I WANT TO FIX THIS DESPERATELY, literally. I do mean it.
And they said I should tell to trust people, challenge the sense of helplessness, etc. “If you can’t find a support group in your area, look for online groups.”
And here I am

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This is not an answer to your question -but it is in a way. I know you are hurting and would prefer an answer immediately. Unfortunately you might have to wait a little bit. Today is the morning after Thanksgiving and many people in the US are still sleeping, or are shopping or are with family. I promise someone will answer you in a bit.
Please be patient. Good luck to you.

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Thanks a lot, dude, that’s thoughtful and considerate:)
Happy thanksgiving!^^

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I just found this. I have not checked into it. I do not know if they charge or if it is free. I only just found it from searching literally one minute ago.
I hope it can help you, or at least help you get started.

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I have found Facebook groups to be very helpful for my problems. You can find a group for just about any ailment. Here’s one for PTSD:

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I agree that Facebook has some good pages.

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Why not call the veterans administration? The VA deals with PTSD cases all the time and surly they can at least provide you with a number… One would think…

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@dww25921 ya, thanks for that

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