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What is this "Ghost Lighting?"?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43577points) November 28th, 2014


I can’t tell if it’s cool or stupid because there is no description.

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Looks like kitscherella rubbish!

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It looks like they are using that term to get your attention so you’ll think it’s cool.

In actuality, they are just plain ordinary low power desk or bedside lamps. Doesn’t look like anything special so I guess they jazz it up with a fancy title.

FWIW, historically, the non-spooky derivation of the term ghost light refers to the ruling that all darkened theaters must have at least one low power light on 24/7 to enable finding the light box to turn them on.

Absent this light, in a totally dark theater it’s pretty much impossible to see anything to avoid accidents or even death (you could break your neck stumbling into the orchestra pit, for instance.)

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Tacky rubbish is what it is.

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Got to agree with the others on this one looks like tacky rubbish.

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Another hook to lighten the pockets of the unwise.

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I agree with you all. Just wasn’t sure what it did! Turns out, nothing.

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The rubric is telling: “Different colors can be choosed.”

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