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How do you uninstall Firefox plugins?

Asked by bomyne (636points) November 28th, 2014

I tried to Google this and it just gave me instructions on how to remove addons. Not what I want.

I have set the majority of my plugins (Excluding Java, but including Flash) to never activate but I don’t see any button to remove these plugins completely.

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Go to Tools Menu>Add-Ons>Extensions list. Find the add-on you want to either delete or make changes in and you’ll see a preferences and uninstall button.

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@pachy Again, that is addon related and not plugin related.

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@bomyne have you tried @Pachy‘s advice? Firefox keeps the plugins on the addon management page. You need to click on the tab that’s says plugins (it looks like a Lego brick)

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@Lightlyseared There is no remove button anywhere on the plugins page.

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You mean you want to remove them from the system completely? You want the Windows Control Panel—> Programs and Features then. I see Adobe Flash Player 15 Plugin, Silverlight, and other things that relate directly to my Firefox plugins when I go there on my system.

And lets be honest, if you’re the type of person who demands removal because mere deactivation isn’t enough, you really should remove any and all software affiliated with the offending plugin anyways; something that needs to be done at the OS level.

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Okay, Thanks. Is there a way to remove the iTunes application detection plugin without removing iTunes though?

It’s more Firefox stability rather than security or privacy.

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That I wouldn’t know. I will say that Apple seems to have an antipathy for Windows that borders on guerrilla warfare. I found the Windows version of iTunes unstable and quirky enough that did a dance of joy when I got rid of my iPod Touch and could uninstall the iTunes software.(At least it didn’t crash on startup perpetually like Safari did.)

Personally, I found an across-the-board stability increase when I removed all Apple software. While Quicktime, Safari, and iTunes may work well on OS X, they caused nothing but issues for me across multiple Windows boxes. However, even uninstalling it was a rather messy affair. Your mileage may vary though; I can only speak from my own experiences.

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