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Is this site good for...

Asked by LeilaniLane (181points) November 29th, 2014

Okay, so I literally just made this account. About 15 minutes ago. I was just wandering if this site was good for discussing story ideas, getting help with plots, and such. I’ve seen a lot of sites where you can post your own stories, for example Wattpad, but thats not what I’m looking for. I don’t want to post my whole story. And I’ve checked out sites where you can post “thoughts” anonymously, but I’m pretty sure they are for talking about your problems. If this isn’t a good site for talking about plot ideas, and getting story help, does anyone have any suggestions for places that are?

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Welcome to Fluther.There is some of that here, but it is just a general Q&A site. Here is a list of sites that are good for getting writing feedback.

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Fluther is a Q+A site, but you can ask if people think your plot idea is a good one, or not, just try and keep it on the short side,questions that tend to take more than five minutes to read, I find a lot of people just skip them.
Welcome to fluther.

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Thanks! Both of you gave great answers. I think I can keep it short. I’ll probably use Fluther for other stuff as well. Tootles!

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I bet you’d get a lot of good opinions and plot ideas from this site. We’re generally an intelligent and well-read bunch, we write well and there are people from all over the world here.

I use Fluther for all sorts of things. Stick around, @LeilaniLane. You will find us a great bunch.

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Welcome! I think it’d be a good site for that. The community is just everyday people, not writing-focused people (though many here seem to be), so that’s the kind of answers you’ll get.

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I agree with what others have written here. There is no way to post a story on Fluther using questions or details for feedback, though sometimes we see questions like “Will you read my story and provide feedback?” This requires transmitting the story to interested parties through some outside means of your choosing, like email or Dropbox. Also, there is no guarantee that the people offering their critiques are actually good writing critics – so take advice with a grain of salt.

We do have a few writers in the collective, and sometimes they’ll post questions like, “Is this a realistic thing for X sort of person to do?” or “How does X sciency thing work?” The benefit is being able to draw on different people’s expertise to create a more believable story. Maybe that might be of help to you.

And welcome to Fluther. :)

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Welcome to Fluther. This site is very good for anger management, learning how to drop one’s beliefs and conform with the majority group, tons of recreational questions that has little relevance or importance to anything…well, guess I ran out of things this is good for….

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You can post your plot summary and ask for plot holes. Some of us may be able to help. But as far as I know, Fluther generally doesn’t accept question about feedback (something like “what do you think about this plot idea/this part of my story…”). If you want feedback like that, you should PM people here (you can start by PMing me)

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So many responses! Okay…

@jca Thanks, I definitely stick around. So far you’ve all been awesome!

@dxs I feel welcomed. And coolio… :)

@dappled_leaves Oh, I’m not really interested in posting whole stories so no problem there. I’ve just been looking for some plot development advice and such. But, no worries I’ve actually got to put my whole writing project on hold for a lil’ bit. School has been taking up my time. (I’m a newly fresh freshmen…or something lol)

@Hypocrisy_Central Um… thanks. I guess haha. Well, if I need some anger management help I’ll definitely be on here in a flash lookin’ for ya. Didn’t get the whole beliefs thing. Anyway, your reply was appreciated. :D

@Mimishu1995 Thanks bunches for the advice! I don’t know what plot holes are… (googling that right now…) Okay, I know now. (hehe, google is my friend) Clearly you can see I’m not any experienced writer. PM? Right, private message….arg why do I never remember these things… (I’ll PM you after my Christmas break… whenever that is.)

Thanks to all who replied! Tootles!

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@LeilaniLane Didn’t get the whole beliefs thing.
Simple, anything you believe in that is not inline with the masses, Stop doing it, get with the program lock, stock, and barrel.

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@LeilaniLane So yeah Fluther also tends to carry some very opinionated people, but we’re not all like that.

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@dxs thats your opinion.

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@zenzen Off topic… are you a trekkie? (Or trekker whatever you’d like to call it.)

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I know its a bad assumption, its just I had to know.

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@LeilaniLane I prefer to believe that he’s actually Patrick Stewart. ;)

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@dappled_leaves Haha. Well, if he was I’d probably hug him. (Not even kidding) Picard is awesome! :D

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@dappled_leaves That was so cute and funny. Thanks for sharing that, it put a smile on my face! I love that kind of stuff. :D

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@LeilaniLane One more thing this site is good for. :)

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