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Are celebrities more messed up than the rest of us?

Asked by LostInParadise (27953points) November 30th, 2014

Do they have a higher incidence of drug and alcohol abuse? Do they have a higher rate of marital infidelity and divorce? Are they more prone to strange behavior, like the Britney Spears breakdown or Mel Gibson outbursts? Or is that just the impression one gets from reading the tabloids?

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~ Amy “Wine” house. Bernie “Made off”. Steve “Jobs”. It is foreseen since birth.

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They are just more in the media,so they always have the spotlight on them,and people notice the first little screw up.
Plus they have the money to abuse drugs and alcohol easier than the rest of us do.
Added to the pressure of always trying be somewhat perfect in the eyes of their fans adds to that stress.

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As said, they are more visible so it seems as though they are more susceptible to it.
Plus they have the money to abuse drugs and alcohol easier than the rest of us do.
I would say they can goof up as much as John Q (who may actually goof up more) but it will not be as devastating.

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Money equals freedom, and sometimes too much freedom.

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I think celebrities are messed up at the same rate as the rest of us. Most people are messed up to an extent, but that’s kept in check by a constant need to support ourselves and our families emotionally and financially. Celebrities can be largely freed of that.

Another big factor is what I call the ‘Justin Bieber’ effect. The boy has not had anyone in his life that could tell him “No“since he was an early teen. If they choose to do so, celebrities can surround themselves exclusively with people that tell them what the want to hear. It’s really sad and unnatural.

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No more, no less; it’s just them being followed around all day long that makes it seem that way.

We learn when we are kids that everybody farts. Indeed, the average is ten times a day for men, eight for women. That’s average, so it is not unusual to rip one or two every hour. Add to that the prevalence of vegetarianism amongst celebrities that must stay in shape, and you’re talking the high end of the range. But celebrities can’t fart without it being on TMZ that night. No wonder they seem whacked.

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Which them, and which us? I am not on drugs. I have had a few drinks in my life, but not in the last fifteen years. I am divorced, but not within the same year I got married. I don’t have a pool. I don’t sign autographs.
I am not famous, or wealthy, but I am sober. i have never dangled any of my children over a balcony. I have never set my hair on fire.
Not all of “us” are messed up. I can’t speak for the “them”, because I don’t know them, but so far as many of them are concerned, they are messed up more than me.
If you meant a different “us”, then I could be wrong, For that I would apologize.

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Honestly, now, think about how many people you consider “celebrities”. Local radio to Oprah. What is the approximate rate of scandal? 100,000 to 1? 500,00 to 1?

Now compare that to your circle of acquaintance. Let’s say you are acquainted with 1,000 people. The rate of drugs, divorce etc. would have to be greater the .001, or one of each?

I suck at math. Is this wrong?

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They have stresses the average Joe/Jane doesn’t experience, we have stresses they don’t experience. Are they more messed up? Probably not.

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I don’t blame these guys, we all know if we had that money as dumb young people we’d be dead or trying to keep it together by a thread.

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Some of them.

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Some not all, i don’t think just because they are celebrities that they are “More” messed up they may be celebrities but they are still human like the rest of us.

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