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What is the worst disease/disorder you can get?

Asked by johnnymojo (38points) December 1st, 2014

By worst I don’t necessarily mean most deadly, rather most painful physically, emotionally or mentally.

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Oh jeez, well pick your poison. Multiple answers.
Brain cancer,, many other cancers, heart failure, and lets not forget Ebola.

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Depression, up to now.

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A painful cancer that has low survival rates.

Heart disease that leaves you physically incapacitated.

But for me, I think the idea of having some sort of disease that left my brain in a fully functioning state, but trapped in my body would be the worst. That sounds like an evil form of hell.

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Lyme’s disease.

It’s the crap that they supposedly can diagnose, but not treat, or define, that’s the worst. I have neither, and doubt the existence of either, and that would make me crazy if a doctor told me I had one of them.

Diagnosis of a disease that makes you doubt yourself would have to become faith based, meaning a religion, which has got to bite.

An enigma wrapped in a conundrum disease.

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@Earthbound_Misfit It is called Locked In syndrome. I will change my answer to Locked In syndrome

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It is @talljasperman. I’ve also seen people who’ve had a stroke who could experience a similar thing to a lesser degree. It just seems like the worst thing possible to me.

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@Earthbound_Misfit My worst nightmare would be the same.
The worst for me would be larynx cancer or a stroke that prevented all communication. I am such a verbose, humorous type, to lose my voice would be a fate worse than death. Note writing would pale in comparison to being able to deliver that quick witted retort. haha

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@Mimishu1995 Just curious, what makes you think that? I’ve had pretty severe clinical depression since I was about 10. If I take my meds, I’m largely fine.

Okay, I can’t decide between Locked In Syndrome and ALS. ALS is similar to locked-in in the sense that the cognitive functions are mostly preserved but you lost the ability to control your body. If I am going to deteriorate, I don’t want to be conscious to watch it happen. That seems to be the worst part about ALS, you have to witness it.

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@seekingwolf I’m mostly fine physically, but my mental state hasn’t been so balanced, especially as I passed my teen. I remember being in my worst mental state at high school. It was such a mess, dealing with isolation, peer pressure, school requirement… I could never smile, I lost interest in entertainment. I don’t remember how many times the thought of suicide came to me…

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@kritiper. Another on my list.

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Any disease that kills you.

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@Mimishu1995 Do you take medication? That is the only thing that has really made a difference for me in my life.

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@Pachy But if not killed by a disease then we’re looking at accidents. Hit by a bus, fall off a cliff, drown in a boating accident, be killed by a Grizzly bear? haha

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I’d have to say any brain disorder/disease after watching my cousin suffer for three years before his death from brain cancer and watching my mother suffer for ten months before her death due to a ruptured brain aneurysm. Brain disorders/diseases are emotionally, physically and mentally painful. The pain is excruciating.

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Kuru is a bad one, a neurodegenerative disease with a fatality rate of 100%.

…of course you can only get that by eating the brains of the members of the Fore Tribe in Papua New Guinea, and it’s almost extinct thanks to the ban of cannibalism.

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I think Polonium or radium poisoning would be pretty ghastly. It sort of tears you up from the inside out, while also making you unable to have visitors. Especially if the dose you ingest is carefully dosed death can take a couple of weeks while the fatal alpha emitting substance is carried around your entire body causing you to hemorrhage internally in all systems before shock or blood loss finally claims you. Meanwhile you are conscious most of the time. It only takes a few micrograms of the active emitter to fatally poison you, making it a very effective and easily deployed poison.
Man! I am a gruesome SOB! I scared myself here.

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Early onset dementia

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I would imagine brain cancer or any brain disease. Or maybe Aids? I don’t know for sure, never experienced either.

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My mother has Alzheimer’s, and let me tell you, I cannot imagine anything worse. It is a slooooooooooow death.

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@seekingwolf No. Depression is overlooked in my area. They just assumed that I was sad and it would just pass. Things have been easier for me now that I have got out of high school, and the depression got better gradually.

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@Mimishu1995 That really stinks that you are in an area where it’s overlooked and not taken seriously. I was put on medication when I was 11 or so. Now I can’t function without them. Absolute mess. Luckily, contentment costs just $30 in copays for a 90 month supply of it. I am happy that the treatment is so cheap and effective.

Now, I have PCOS, and that sucks. There is not much in the way of effective treatment. PCOS helped me get really fat and I had weight loss surgery. It’s a good thing I don’t want kids because I know my baby oven is broken.

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@seekingwolf I’m so sorry you have to go through all those things. I never knew about depression until I got to high school. That was pretty horrible to get depression at a young age like that…

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Any slow degenerative disease – either mental or physical.

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Oh, probably being unable to move or talk, but being fully coherent like those people in Awakenings.

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I would say schizophrenia

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Severe depression. I haven’t experienced it but from accounts I have read it seems the worst.

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SIDS Sudden infant death syndrome.

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@talljasperman Well…it’s really quick anyway and happens before an infant has any self awareness usually, kinda a really good way to go, but not for the poor parents.

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Any disease that robs you of bodily functions while leaving your mind intact.

Vibrant mind, unresponsive body.

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Yes, @talljasperman. Or ALS.

I believe that’s the reason Robin Williams killed himself, and I respect his decision.

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It’s unclear if Alzheimer’s renders a person necessarily unhappy, so I’m without opinion on that.

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@ibstubro I agree, and respect his choice as well, too bad he couldn’t be honest with his family and have their support. I could go on & on about ones right to die, but that’s another conversation entirely.

My good friend here that owns the ranch has Devics syndrome, similar to MS. Lesions on her spine cause lots of nerve pain and she has to get chemo treatments several times a year and is on a boatload of medications. She has good days where she rides her horses, gets out and does a lot of work around the property here and then bad days where she can hardly move. Any number of horrible outcomes are possible including but not limited to respiratory arrest, becoming paralyzed and bed ridden, depending on where any new lesions occur. If on the brain stem it is not a good thing at all.

Both her father and sister have MS and are bed ridden. She is only 46 and is a trooper, all things considered.

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We must all play to our individual strengths and weaknesses, @Coloma.

Steven Hawking, I am not. More power to us both.

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