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Is syncing my iPhone the same as backing it up?

Asked by stevenb (3836points) July 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I tried last night and agiin this morning to back it up, but the only way I found on my windows pc was to hit restore. After I hit that it said it would back up and delete everything out of my phone. Is there another way to just back it up. I have everything synced. I appreciate your help!

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Syncing transfers the difference between your computer and iPhone to the opposite device.

A backup copies the current state of the iPhone to your computer. You can thusly restore the iPhone to the exact state it was in from this backup, should something go wrong in the future.

Apple Support just posted an article on this yesterday.


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I dont think you can directly backup your phone but who knows heh I’m probably wrong. Are you trying to back up your whole phone or just your music?

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When you sync your iPhone, it backs it up if any changes have been made to the settings.

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the whole phone in case 2.0 keels over.

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When you factory restore your iPhone (in iTunes), it asks your if you want to back it up. And when you plug in a new iPhone, it restores. It’s pretty seamless.

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