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Anybody have a clue about why the Alternet news website is unresponsive?

Asked by sahID (2521points) December 2nd, 2014 is an alternative news website that provides a valuable, fresh perspective on the news. For the last two days the website has been lightly greyed out and none of its article links are active. I find this strange because the website itself is clearly still being actively updated.

I have followed this website somewhat regularly for the last four or five years, and this is the first time something like this has happened. Does anybody have any insight into what is amiss? Is it being blocked, and, if so, by my ISP, or upstream?

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@sahID It works for me… they just want to get a donation.

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Disable your ad-blocker on the site and then there is a button to opt out of donating and it works normally.

This is a absolutely horrible practice on their part. It is easy enough to detect ad-blocking and ask people to whitelist the site.

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@johnpowell I applied your suggestion, with no change in the website. So I tried logging on to Alex Jones’ website and it works perfectly fine. So my thought processes continue.

Even though is didn’t solve this problem, your suggestion is very good, and occasionally needed.

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I would blame your ISP. I got in instantly.

Then again, I just noticed that it’s been 9 hours since you asked, so maybe traffic cleared up.

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