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What is an ad "email" that can't be deleted and prevents emails from coming in?

Asked by flo (12974points) December 3rd, 2014

Instead of the check box on the left side (for deleting) there is the logo of the company (it could be a bank etc.) and where there should be the date there is a dollar sign. And there hasn’t been any email for a month or so (since the presence of this eveel). Is there a way of removing the problem without going to Yahoo?

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Which email provider is this happening in?

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The act of deleting one of the regular emails removes it, but then it is replaced by another one from another place.

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And it is in the Draft and in the Sent folders too.

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Those aren’t emails, they are advertisements. I have them in my yahoo mail folders too. That’s why yahoo mail is free; they put an ad at the top of your inbox and sent box so you will see it.

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Yep, @zenvelo nailed it.

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I have never experienced it with any of my email providers, I never heard of it till just before I posted the OP, when I heard someone next to me being asked about it.

@zenvelo and @2davidc8 Does the term defence lawyers come to mind?

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It is a hostile entity if it not deletable, or if it makes you work hard to remove prevent it.

“Those aren’t emails, they are advertisements” like That person is not a…., it is a person.

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@flo It’s yahoo’s design to make it look like a highlighted top of the list email, but it’s like trying to get eh scroll off the bottom of the TV when watching CNN or Headline news. Annoying, they’ll tell you to use different provider if you don’t like it.

Gmail does something similar but Google separates it from the mail with a small spacer.

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@flo ”“Those aren’t emails, they are advertisements” like That person is not a…., it is a person.”

The banner ad is different from an email in that no one sent it to your email address, it didn’t arrive in your Inbox through Yahoo “checking for mail”, and you can’t handle it like regular mail. It’s actually just “decoration” for the page, dressed up to look like email.

Apparently, signing up for a “Yahoo Plus” account (~ $20 per year) will remove these banner ads. In other words, either you allow them to advertise to you so that they can earn their money from advertisers, or you pay money directly to Yahoo so that you don’t have to see ads. Either way, Yahoo is intent on making money from their users. This is one reason I prefer gmail to Yahoo mail.

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@dappled_leaves Nothing is free. Google is advertising to you too, just in a less obnoxious manner.

I did one google search last spring for catheters to get some background for a flutter discussion. For months I got flooded with incontinence ads on google, Facebook, and a bunch of other sites. Took me finding out how to adjust the google ad stream to stop the onslaught.

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@zenvelo You can turn off gmail ads (I have). That is the difference.

As you appear to have discovered, you can opt out of receiving interest-based Google ads on random internet sites as well. Of course, it is impossible to avoid Google ads on other websites, unless you are using something like Adblock.

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See here ? Far from defence lawyering there, where no “obnoxious” (very mild word) is going on.

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This hostile entity is making it look like it coming from the banks or etc. I refuse to believe it is Yahoo that is doing it.

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@flo I really don’t know what you mean by ”defence lawyer”, since I am not trying to defend anything or justify it, just explain it.

And if you refuse to believe that it is Yahoo that is doing it, that is your choice. But it makes me wonder why you ask questions on Fluther and then don’t like the answer.

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@flo Here is an article in Laptop Mag that talks about the differences between Yahoo Mail and gmail, among other email providers. One of their biggest complaints is that banner ad. They (like you and I) don’t like the placement of that ad in the inbox, which very superficially makes it look like an email.

But, as they describe, it clearly is an ad, placed there by Yahoo – not by another “hostile entity”. There are differences in the style of the ad, when compared to emails: the ad is wider and taller, and does not have a checkmark box in it. And, well, it’s advertising, not a message from any person.

If you still don’t believe that it comes from Yahoo, why not write to Yahoo to complain that your email is being infiltrated by some hostile third party? Then they can explain to you that it is their own advertising.

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It says in the title OP by the way, an ad, quote unquote email not an email froma person or company, or fraudster etc. But what is the word you use considering that there is no check box? “A banner ad” doesn’t reveal that it can’t be deleted,

I see it in that article that you posted @dappled_leaves. But it is amazing, how they don’t see that this is hostile to not let you delete the ones you never have any interntion of using. Anti-fur person let’s say, a banner ad for fur coat store? Hostile, no matter who is doing it.

@zenvelo “I really don’t know what you mean by ”defence lawyer”, since I am not trying to defend anything or justify it, just explain it.”
Before that, “Nothing is free….” that is defence. And you can easily see the contrast between complaining about some music one needs to go activley download, and something that can’t be deleted.

And how do they all including Facebook etc. make money? Even when it is a free account, we are reminded all the time that it is not.

And no entity should get to abuse you just because they gave you something for free anyway, just in general. If I gave a panhandler money should I feel free to be less respectful him/her?

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@flo “Nothing is free“is an aphorism, not a defense.

Yahoo and others make money because you see the ad, they get a small amount for every time it is seen. And they get paid fro views because they know what percentage of views results in someone clicking on it, and from each click how many result in a purchase.

And, it isn’t abuse at all, it’s part of the structure. Your analogy of a gift to a panhandler is not a very good comparison; that would be an actor charity, while eYahoo providing free email is not charity, it is a business matter where they give you something for free because they can advertise. A better example is how broadcast television and radio work- they provide free content because they can sell advertising.

If you feel abused, switch to a different email account.

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@flo “But it is amazing, how they don’t see that this is hostile to not let you delete the ones you never have any interntion of using. Anti-fur person let’s say, a banner ad for fur coat store? Hostile, no matter who is doing it.”

Well, I do agree with you here. This is one reason I don’t use Yahoo mail at all. My point was only that these ads originate within Yahoo, not from an outside party. This system is working as Yahoo intends it to work.

It’s indeed hard to imagine why anyone comparing gmail with Yahoo mail would choose the latter, since Yahoo copies gmail’s style almost perfectly, but then also has these intrusive ads.

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@zenvelo Hi-lie-ree-yes again, They make $$ from the all the viewing the clicking,....therefore, they need to add undeleteable ads in you email.
”“Nothing is free“is an aphorism, not a defense.” It doesn’t help your argument.
“If you feel abused, switch to a different email account.” That doesn’t help your argument. People say that when they have run out of things to say.

-The panhandler thing of course means even when you are pure giving to some entity never mind those who help you make $$ you should still not disrespect them.

-And the contrast between Apple/U2 music….and this here topic, what were you saying again?

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@dappled_leaves This system is working as Yahoo intends it to work. I don’t know what to make of that statement. It is working as the store that is gouging the people during disaster times too. (or whatever other example is not necessity related)

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@flo You mix apples and oranges and kumquats. You conflate your charity with a business’s enticement and a misguided giveaway by U2.

I don’t have an argument, I am not arguing on what the advertisements are. I offer explanation to which you disagree. It’s like you are asking “why is the sky blue?” and when you get the answer you complain because you can’t get green.

Sorry, @flo, if you don’t like how Yahoo works,nobody is forcing you to use it. Why is that gouging?

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Putting undeletable ads all over their email (harrassing them, annoying them) is business enticement.” Zenvelo
Would you put that in a billboard?
I wouldn’t want to go to your business school.

Those ads in videos the ones that let you skip it are business enticement the ones that don’t not so much. See what enticement is?

Bingo happened a while ago, in this thread. here You avoided it again and again. Why do you keep wanting to be bingoed by me?

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@flo I guess you know what is right and I don’t. Now, how will you live with those ads on your yahoo mail page?

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@zenvelo I don’t have it in my Yahoo, as it says above.
Keep making noise, @zenvelo

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