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007 fans: Christoph Waltz as Blofeld, discuss?

Asked by ucme (50031points) December 4th, 2014

The next Bond movie will begin filming on Monday, titled Spectre.
Rumour being that the “bald baddie” will make a return with Waltz bagging the role.
I’m up for that, how about you? No, not you…yeah, the fella in the hat at the back.

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As he was in Inglorious Basterds, he can be such charming monster. Would be casting way above the usual hack level of Bond films. (Daniel Craig is an exception.)

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I think he’ll be fabulous. Can’t wait to see his performance.

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He’s got it all.

Go for it.

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I don’t see why anyone would think he wouldn’t be good for the role. He’s a solid actor, and it wouldn’t be his first time playing the head of a malevolent/terrorist organization.

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Quality S.P.E.C.T.R.E. rings aren’t cheap.

When the right one comes along…

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I’m gonna need a napkin in the movie theater.

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Cheers troops.
Yeah, I leaked a teeny bit of sex wee when I heard the news… “ahh, bingohhhhhhhh!”

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I thought he was doing “The Hateful Eight” next month.
I like Waltz. He was great in “Bastards” and “Django”, and I am looking forward to seeing him in “Big Eyes”, but I don’t know if he is right for Blofeld. I might have gone with Kevin Spacey.

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@filmfann Waltz is without doubt one of the finest character actors today, I think, in some ways, Bond is beneath him, in terms of almost comic book villainy. I do think he’ll be masterful as always though,

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