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Are you guys aware of the latest phishing scam going around, with a guy claiming to be from the IRS and you're going to jail tomorrow?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) December 4th, 2014

He calls from a robo phone and tells you the IRS is sending you to jai. He gives out a phone number, that surprise, is linked to scams. The number is 202–657-6058 and he wants all your returns and information. It’s bogus, the IRS uses mail. But I thought it was worth passing on.

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I was getting calls on my cell phone with voicemails saying “This is the US Census. Please call us back at _______.” Of course I didn’t answer the phone and didn’t call back. After about 20 calls from them, I blocked the number.

My mom just got a call the other day from someone sounding like a relative, saying they were arrested for marijuana in the car. When my mom realized it wasn’t the relative, they hung up. We were speculating that they were probably going to see if she was gullible and ask for bail money.

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Thanks for the info, some of those type scams originate over seas,my Dad a few years back kept getting very early morning phone calls from someone saying they were from the FBI and told him to turn his computer on NOW.
Wow you would think these morons would at least check the country they are phoning,uh hello we are in Canada your FBI don’t mean shit up here,he said if you keep phoning I will sue you, the voice on the other side hissed and said you have no idea where we are, but they never did phone him again.

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Reminds me of those calls whose callers pretended to be from the underworld and want to make friends some years ago.

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I had an email it call about the IRS thing. I don’t remember which. I also received something in the mail from some other phishing scam, I don’t remember what it was. The letter looked like it was from some company we do business with, but it sounded suspicious and the logo on the paper was wrong.


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I bet he’s called Rod & claims to be reel.

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Yes, have already received such a call and he was told to F_ _K Off! I have always paid my taxes and owe the IRS nothing.

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I find it amazing that anyone falls for these things. I mean, why immediately take the word of someone who calls out of the blue, when it’s so easy to verify whether or not the story is true?

@SQUEEKY2 “uh hello we are in Canada your FBI don’t mean shit up here”

That’s hilarious. I would have said the same, only with more laughing and expletives.

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