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Question for gals but guys can answer too, what are some of your favorite perfumes?

Asked by prairierose (1843points) December 5th, 2014

Mine include but are not limited to: Via La Juicy Couture, Prada Candy, Miss Dior, Romance (by Ralph Lauren)

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You and I have similar taste in perfume. I have (and love) Juicy and Viva La Juicy. I also love (but ran out of) Ralph Lauren Romance. Another I like is Bright Crystal by Givenchy.

Another nice one is Happy by Clinique. It’s kind of unusual but I like it.

My sister had on Black Orchid by Tom Ford and I thought it smelled good on her. I want to go to the store and check out different Tom Ford scents but have not yet had a chance.

I’m sure as the night goes on I will think of other perfumes that I love, and I’ll post them.

I’m a real fan of scents. Soap, perfume, etc.

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My favourite perfume at the moment is Balenciaga’s Florabotanica. I’ve lost count of how often people have asked me what it is and said how much they like it. I know of two people who’ve gone out and bought a bottle because they like it so much. Which is nice but also a titch irritating because I quite like wearing something that everyone else ISN’T wearing.

I have worn many perfumes over the years. I sometimes wear Yves St Laurent’s Rive Gauche.

I found this great site recently where they decant perfumes so you can try them for a few dollars rather than having to buy a whole bottle.

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Lolita Lempicka
Cotton Candy
Bronze Goddess
Michael Kors
I think your bodies chemistry makes a big difference on how it smells on you too.

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I don’t really like heavy perfumes. I enjoy the scent of plumeria (from Hawaii). I also like lavendar, but not to wear. When I was younger I loved lily of the valley.

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@jca I am thinking Via La Juicy Couture is probably my favorite. YUM! Romance is nice too. Thanks, I will check out those other fragrances that you suggested.

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Bright Crystal is nice.

Another nice one I remember from a while ago was Sung by Alfred Sung.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Hmm… I am not familiar with Balenciaga Florabotanica perhaps I need to check it out. I love to smell good!

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Eau de soap and water.

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@Broken_EarthAngel Yes I forgot that I also like Cotton Candy. Yes different fragrances smell good on some women and quite frankly stink on other women. It is all in the chemistry.

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Hey, thanks every one for your input.

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Butterfly by Hanae Mori continues to be my favorite perfume of all time.

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@DrasticDreamer hmm… I am not familiar with that fragrance either, I am getting all kinds of useful information. Thanks!

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@prairierose Of all “mainstream” perfumes, I will never buy anything else, and I’ve been wearing it for years. If you’re curious, here’s a description of the scents:

Top Notes: Wild strawberries, sweet blackberries, blackcurrants and bilberries
Middle Notes: Bulgarian rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine and French peony
Base Notes: Rosewood, almondwood, sandalwood and cedar

And more information about it, directly from the site.

I always get positive comments about it, from men and women alike, since you seem interested in the male perspective, as well.

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@DrasticDreamer Sounds nice! Thank you!

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Moonlit Path
I got it at a bath and body.

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I don’y buy the fancy stuff, it’s just not my way. I have been known to have a few cans of “axe” lying around though. Sometimes I buy Avon Cologne because it repels mosquitoes while I’m working outside.

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I haven’t worn perfume in ages, probably over 15 years. I used to love Jessica McClintock.

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Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

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@anniereborn: Oh, yeah that reminds me. Jessica McClintock was (is) incredible.

I also have a Lily Pulitzer that is very nice.

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At Costco, they have Juicy Couture Noir which I was tempted to buy, but I have enough right now.

I think I will go in search of the Tom Ford scents, just because I have a Bloomingdales gift certificate that I have to use, and that’s a place that would sell Tom Ford.

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@Petticoatbetty Yes Moonlit Path is a nice fragrance and there are several Bath and Body Work lotions that I use. A favorite seasonal fragrance of mine is Winter Candy Apple.

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Estée Lauder Cinnabar was my signature fragrance through my 20s and 30s, until I had an allergic reaction to it in my 40s. Now I avoid fragrances as much as I can.

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I remember Cinnabar in the 80’s. It had what to me was such a strong, almost overpowering scent. The sales ladies call it a “mature scent” kind of like Elizabeth Arden Red Door.

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@jca @hearkat I never used Cinnabar but Estee Lauder has a newer fragrance that I do like, it is called Modern Muse.

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@jca Cinnabar is a spicy scent, and it’s strong out of the bottle, but it blended well with my body chemistry and many people complimented me over the years. It smelled like shit on my best friend, though. That’s the key to having a signature fragrance – finding one that blends with your natural scent.

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@hearkat True a scent may smell nice in the bottle but depending on body chemistry it might not smell so well when worn. I have had that experience.

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@hearkat: Yes. For that reason it’s hard to give perfume as a gift, unless you know the recipient already likes the scent.

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I don;t own any real perfume but am addicted to body spray. I dilute it down and “mist” everything, myself, my cars interior, my sheets, curtains, and even used to pour a bottle in my hot tub for aromatic enjoyment. The spa scents are like $30.00 a pop and Calgon is $5ish. haha
I mist myself on hot days too, very refreshing and great to restyle your hair too. I do have some nice essential oils as well as some Zum Lab solid perfumes, yeah, I’m an old hippie.

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L’Air du Temps and Chanel No.5 but I only wear it about twice a year.

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Steak spice.

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Yesterday, down in the barn doing horsey chores, I had spritzed myself with some body spray earlier and one of the mares, “Rayburn” was obsessed with smelling me.
She had her nose in my back, and all over me the whole time I was cleaning her stall. Then…really weird, she got all pissy with “Cool” her stable mate next to her paddock and was posturing, had her ears back and tried to kick Cool through the pipe fencing. I must have smelled REALLY good and she was very protective of me.

Maybe something in my body spray smelled like a hot stud.
Eau de hot stud. lolol

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I love Chanel #5.

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Most to me are over powering. The only one I like and wear is Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Even the bottle is so pretty.

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@BeenThereSaidThat Yes some perfumes are over powering and sometimes some women wear way too much of it.

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I like addiction perfumes, It’s my favourite perfume and it’s smell like wonder.

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