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Great ideas for getting the most profit out of yard sales?

Asked by figbash (7468points) July 14th, 2007

My friend and I are hosting a yard sale and didn't have many customers today. It seems to be just bad timing. We've advertised on Craig's List, plan to post signs at all major corners and as a way to boost profits, have also included a lemonade stand. Does anyone have any other great ideas to increase traffic, sell as much as we can, and/or find other interesting things to turn a profit on?

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My sis lives on a road where10 families each had a sale on the same day.It is rural so pleasant to walk,admire the sheep and cows, ride bikes or park. Also everyone knows everyone else. People stopped to schmooz and ended up buying. If you are in suburbia or city, it is harder. Try balloons on st. signs or telephone posts to attract attention. Local ads better than Craig's. Ad's placed in SHOPPER'S GUIDE,at the local church, country store and in the small town's shop windows. No huge profits but everyone got rid of tons of stuff and made a few bucks. The antique dealers came early and swept up the good stuff.

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i've heard that it's all about location. if you're not in a high-traffic spot, and you have a big-ish vehicle, you might consider having it at a friend or relative's place that's better located (my uncle brought his sale to my centrally-located apt once). they could add some of their things in exchange (which you take the time to sell, and give them the $, obviously).

also, presentation. make sure everything is displayed well.

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Thank you both! The yard sale wound up being somewhat of a success. We were in high-traffic area, that for some reason, was not getting much traffic at all this weekend, but we wound up getting rid of most of the pricier stuff and bundling together a lot of the smaller things to move it out. We decided some profit was better than none!

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Glad to hear that it was OK. Make sure that you don't factor in the cost of your labor; and think of the junk you will no longer have to dust or repair. :-d

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to reduce your price, And be polite with people.

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