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Have we got another explainatione to discribe a cube?

Asked by pathfinder (1079points) July 11th, 2008

Is that a cube which has six as regards and in cube is centere.That centere passing trough six primeroes.At cube heave in two articles whitch upon yourself and tie together thru a cube centre it all in all shape an newerending.Where is newerending? it is the place in side of the cube something?What else?

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Remember, this stops being funny after the third time.

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Don’t act all ‘special’ because you can pull spam out of your pocket. ;) I’ll mark it as great anyhoo

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OK, I will admit that I have had a few beers and I understand that. History tells me that I should sleep this one off.

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It won’t make any more sense in the morning, johnpowell.

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The cube is a lie.

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It’s thinking outside of the box.

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Here is your answer

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pst, its not funny, it never was.

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What the hell are you taking about? Again?

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There is no cube.

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It was funny the first time, enough is enough.

Besides, Megan64 gave us the correct, definitive answer. There is no cube, final answer.

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Apparently, there is no path either.

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Did no one else here learn anything from the Stargate movie?

… the indecipherable glyphs are in fact not words but images of constellations, such that by identifying 6 of them a position in space can be extrapolated. He is then shown the stargate itself, uses his new understanding to identify the 7th symbol (the point of origin allowing a route to be extrapolated), and the gate is opened for the first time.

The idea is how to map a path through space. You can select 6 points around your destination and then define the path to that destination by selecting a 7th point, your origin.

Pathfinder’s question then is how does one know where to stop along the path? And I think the answer is that you stop at a position that is equidistant from all six points of the cube.

Perhaps someone better versed in Stargate lore can explain better?

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