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Why is the middle finger bad?

Asked by Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter (587points) July 11th, 2008

Like why does it mean something bad? why not the pinkie? Who decides this?

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mrjadkins's avatar – believe it or not but this was answered in Wikipedia

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Not to be rude or offensive, but I once heard that if a girl does it it means “fuck me” and if a guy does, it’s just the F word.

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oh whoops to the girls and guys that i’ve flicked off. lol

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I haven’t seen anyone give the middle finger in years. People still do this?

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It doesn’t offend me at all. I believe that “the finger’s” overuse has lead to it being a meaningless symbol.

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Haha @tinyfairie: people still use the middle finger. I was at a stop sign when this crazy guy on his bike (looked drunk) gave the birdie to me and others at the stop sign. I have given the finger to a few bad drivers while on the road as well..

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i think it’s illegal to give them the finger while driving

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Some people do it for the strangest reasons…or no reason at all. I was just walking home from the bus stop with my brother and as I was glancing over the cars some teen just stuck his finger up at me, casually, no care in the world and just sat there with it up looking at me. Seriously it was just strange. Offensive? I wasn’t offended because of what the finger meant, I was more offended by the fact that he intended to offend me for no reason whatsoever (if you see where I’m coming from) seeing as it’s now becoming a somewhat meaningless gesture in our society.

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Thank you @Lurve! I love making people laugh. But I think it is true that it’s illegal. My sister said that, so I don’t know if it IS true or not. it might be, because you have to take one hand off the wheel, so…maybe…

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If you flip off a cop , you’ll get a ticket. Another driver? I’m not too sure.

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yeah that’s what I was thinking. But it seems a little illegal. I don’t know, there’s just something about it.

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Remember the new, easily triggered road rage, cell phone rage, and something-that-annoys-someone rage.

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exactly! see gail gets it! lol

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See Gail. See Gail get it.

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i think it’s stupid and has no meaning to it! who ever started this needs to get a life like seriously :P hope it’s stuck in your head!!!

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i still want to know wats so bad about it some kids do it to a taecher he just tells them to stand or say that just turned my stomach but i ve been asking everone whats so bad about it

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