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Why cant I update my ipod?

Asked by Theotherkid (889points) July 11th, 2008

It says there’s no update available… Please help!

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It’s like that for nearly everyone, including me. wait a day or two and it should be available.

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I can’t wait that long… :-(

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everyone is having the same issue; if you didn’t get it 18 hours ago, then chances are you aren’t going to get it until hopefully tomorrow if we’re lucky.

yes ipod users get shafted, no, no large websites like TUAW or Gizmodo and hardly macrumors want to point out that the ipod users are still stuck in the dark here.

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As of right now (9:30pm Pacific Time)—the update is available.

Macrumors was continuing to cover the wait for an ipod 2.0 coverage, but not particularly loudly.

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Thanks bpeoples! I got the update successfully!

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hey at least someone was willing to follow it, engadget did a while afterwards I noticed this morning. I couldn’t sleep last night, and for some odd reason checked macrumors just to double check and make sure, and it was there, so I bought and downloaded 2.0 last night as it was released.

No one was really willing to fess up that it wasn’t available, engadget, tuaw, nor gizmodo were willing to point out on the large scale that we were all still struck 2.0 less all of yesterday.

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