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What does an alpha male and female look like when compared to the omega man/woman?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) December 7th, 2014

Good looks and charm, I.Q. and E.Q., Brains and Brawn. What does he/she look like when compared to someone who doesn’t have any? Also for bonus what does an average person look like?

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I guess part of it is luck. To be alpha, obviously you need to be at least decent looking, and then the confidence is up to the person themselves.

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By the way, I don’t necessarily believe in alpha/omega. I feel there are just people with looks/confidence and people without.

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Extroverts are alpha and introverts are omegas. Alpha has less to do with looks than it does confidence, take charge assertive behavior, not necessarily aggressive but assertive.
Outspoken, bold, leadership style temperament.

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An alpha male is the one who is charismatic, mentally strong, and able to lead those around him. An omega is the 40 year old living in his domineering mother’s basement, who cannot say hi to a friendly shop keeper without a stutter.

The terms alpha etc. don’t apply so well to women, because they follow different behavioural norms.

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Please watch the movie Twins from 1988, with Danny DeVito and Arnold Sch(jumbleofletters)er . They either have it for free at your library or can order it. The premise is: Danny and Arnold are twins resulting from a genetic experiment. The sperm from 6 men is mixed and selected to produce the best human specimen. That specimen is raised with the best food, best education, best nurturing, etc. to see what develops. Only…. two children were actually born! Mayhem and merriment ensue.
Don’t watch it for the genetics lesson.

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They look like stereotypes of people who think they want to be alpha wolves, but are people.

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