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Has anyone here ever had a Psychic Reading?

Asked by Broken_EarthAngel (771points) December 8th, 2014

If so, were they accurate on things that were told to you?

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Yes although not each and every detail has turned out yet, the rest was eerily accurate, so accurate that I often wonder why I still doubt this field!

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What kind of things were accurate?

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Decisions, relationships, some health-related issues.

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Yes, twice, because I let my best friend drag me into this kind of thing. Neither of the readers told me anything that ended up happening, nor were they accurate about my past. I went to one of these a week before my first wedding and took off my engagement ring before talking to her. I wore no make up and my hair was very plain that day. She told me that I shouldn’t feel bad that I hadn’t found someone permanent in my life, because my day would come. It was all I could do to not tell her, “Yeah, my day is next Saturday.”

And while that marriage didn’t last, she was still wrong because I have found my permanent person.

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No. I don’t bother with bullshit like that.

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Yes but he didn’t really tell me anything that made me think “Wow! How did he know that?” He told me some very general things that could apply to anyone and as I was in a bad place with my life at the time, I was probably all the more vulnerable and gullible. He was very nice though and made me feel better about the future simply because he assured me that everything would sort itself out.

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I had a tarot reading once and I was told something very very specific that I didn’t know was true until a week later. I was stunned.

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Yes, at a party once. Incredibly phoney and stupid. I walk into the room sit down and the women says, ” you suffer from terrible allergies.” No shit…duh, do you think that my red eyes and stuffy nose were a clue haha

I was embarrassed for her, but some of my other friends ate it up. People are gullible and want to believe what they want to believe. I do think there are some clairvoyantly gifted people but this person was not one of them. lol

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Does a tuggy from a homeless dude count?

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