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Why do men have nipples?

Asked by Strong (103points) July 11th, 2008
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And to save our good doctor from having to repeat himself;

Shilolo said:

“There is a book by this title, FYI. The basic answer is that we all start the same as embryos. For the first 6 weeks of embryogenesis, we are all the same. Then, at around the 6 week mark (in intrauterine development), male sex hormones (mainly testosterone) are made due to the presence of the Y chromosome, that leads to masculine development.

You are still left with nipples and even a small amount of breast tissue from very early embryogenesis. Some men develop breast enlargement (called gynecomastia), and even breast cancer (about 1% of all breast cancer patients are men).”

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Check out this book:
Why Do Men Have Nipples? Hundreds of Questions You’d Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini by Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg

There’s a chapter that explain this.

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@limyh: Very funny title. What are a few other examples?

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That book is sitting at the counter at my local Kinkos. I’ve always wanted to buy it. It tempts me every time I want something copied.

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Funny book! A good, fun, quick read.

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I just browsed it at a bookstore, many months back; the title piqued my curiosity, so I picked up and flipped to the chapter with the ‘men with nipple’. Visit your nearest bookstore and look for it. I’m sure you will enjoy some (if not all) of the chapters.

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I am forbidding myself to buy or own another possession that takes up space or has to be dusted.

@tiny; give us a few more samples, please. There isn“t a Kinkos within 20 miles of me.

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20 miles?
I couldn’t imagine. There’s a 24 hour location about three minutes from my house, and I use it constantly. They all know me by name. It’s sort of pathetic in a way.

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lefteh: when you have nothing better to do, Google the images for Chatham, NY or zip 12165. More farm animals than people here now. I’ve lived in NYC, Boston, and Philly and really love the rolling hills of this area..Lush and verdant now, flowers are ablaze, stars are brilliant on clear nights (moon almost full and Jupiter is visible all night long. Plus the fire flies.)

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I have plenty better to do, but I never pass up a chance to procrastinate.
That looks empty. Like the Arizona wilderness with trees.

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So they have something to pierce besides their ear.
And as I said a month ago when this was asked before, male horses are born without nipples.

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What Gail said :-)

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men can actually breast feed.

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Shilolo, I leave Mrs_Dr_to you, altho she may yet be breedmitch in drag.

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no seriously they can. I know someone that can do it.

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Is it your chiropracter? Seriously, men might theoretically be able to breastfeed, but the amount of breast tissue is scant, and the milk produced likely is not the same as a woman’s.

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ok that was harsh shilolo. and of course it isn’t likely to be the same as a woman’s. I actually asked a medical doctor about this and she said that they can.

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Maybe when you and Tim Curry get married and have kids together you can convince him to try it. The video is very educational.

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The mind boggles at the questions that doctor gets…...

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Give evolution a million or so more years.

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I have nipples. My cat has nipples. My nipples hurt sometimes. Sometimes from chaffing. Sometimes from unexplained sources (male nipple hormones?) but they have a good color and size so I am happy.

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@all: Why do we expect Shilolo (and Syz) to be on call 24/7, and pro bono? Doesn’‘t he deserve a little time at the beach? Or at least the info on our medical insurers?

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@gail: Agreed. Time for the admins to share the ad revenue with them!

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