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Do you tell your friends about Fluther?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) July 11th, 2008

Andrew & Ben will probably kill me when they read this, but I am reluctant to do so and lose my anonymity since I made the mistake of using my real first name. I feel bad about it since I would love for others to share the joy, but I feel somewhat proprietorial too.

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Nope. Most of my friends are hippies who hate computers

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No I love being unknown. Just my wife knows.

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I have only told two of my closest friend about fluther. Some of the questions on here I rather answer knowing no one knows me. Although if I didn’t use my picture and they wouldn’t know I was lovelyy i probably would.

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No way. This is something for me. Let them find their own crack!

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I agree with astro!

This Is my thing, let my friends be into their silly “myspace”.

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I have a blog. My friends can act stupid there.

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Well, I was told about it by my friends and I didn’t really think hard at the time and picked a username that would give me away, so sometimes I pause before I answer and am careful about what I say. Therefore I wouldn’t mind if other friends joined- and yes I do rave about Fluther to them all. Most of the time though I generally say what I feel without worrying because the friends I already have on here already know lots about me and what I’m like, and I don’t mind sharing with them or even making them realise things they didn’t know about me. I have one friend in particular who I think would be a VERY valuable contribution to Fluther, but she’s so darned busy all the time that she can’t afford another distraction. To be honest though, at the end of this rant, I like things the way they are, and I’m not sure what it would be like if more of my friends used Fluther, especially ones I’m not as close with as those already here, so I would have to especially watch my answers.

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I don’t tell them about it. I feel guilty, though, because I’d love the collective to grow.
But this is my turf.

However, let me chime in here on delirium’s behalf: she and I are good friends in real life, and she convinced me to join. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be here. So I certainly think that it is sometimes a very good thing.

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I can imagine one other person who would be a good addition to the site, but as Shrub noted they are generally busy with other things. Also, we argue all the time, and I don’t want to end up monopolizing discussions like that. It would become painfully obvious and tiring for everyone.

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My spouse knows, but, luckily, to busy to fluther. (But now I feel bad because, obviously, I do.) Thankfully, most of the people I know don’t spend a lot of time on the computer. But if someone I know happened to show up, I wouldn’t mind. It could be fun.

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I <3 delirium. Because she is awesome and she brought lefteh here.

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I <3 her too. She’s one of those rare truly incredible human beings.

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Dude, If I ever have kids you can totally babysit them.

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Good to know, Ryan.
If you pay for the plane ticket, I’d be more than happy to.

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i love fluther to death… i don’t even remember how i found it… i found it googling one day i think… i told my coworker and that’s really the only person i told about it and she loves it too.

I think it is definitely better than yahoo answers… not sure why, but i just think it is..

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Two reasons why Fluther is better than Yahoo Answers:
1. Not every question has only one perfect answer.
2. There is an actual community here.

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I’ve told all of my friends, my family, and everyone else that I feel could add some “depth” to the community!

They all know my user I.D. as well! I don’t want to hide behind a false image of myself! I want people to experience what I have, “in the Fluther”!

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I like the analogy of being a collective of Wilsons (Tim’s faceless neighbor on _Home Improvement).


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Well Lefteh brought me here, but he also introduced me to Digg and Cyanide and Happiness, so now I just feel stupid…

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I’ve only told a couple people about fluther. Most people i know i dont feel would really get a lot from fluther. There are also some that i would rather not reading everything i post here.
Those i have introduced to fluther though are Simone54, Trance24, and IceBlu. Simone54 was the first person i told and that was right after i found it becuase i thought it was the coolest site ever. Trance24 is my girlfriend so naturally i told her, and IceBlu is a close friend.

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I’ve tried to get my friends into it, which would be great because I know some very knowledgeable people.

I guess they just weren’t interested.

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I’ve told a few people about it.

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I tell everyone I know.

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Thanks to all. I see I am not alone in my guilty pleasure.

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I’ve told most all of my friends and family about us and some of them even know little tidbits about you all, too. Most of them probably haven’t checked the site, though. A few have and have reported that they haven’t joined because they can easily see how addictive it is.

My co-workers joke with me about my fluthering, but every so often they’ll ask what good questions were asked today, or they’ll read something over my shoulder (4 guys share 2 computers). They even prompted a question, so I guess they fluther through me.

Lately I’ve gone to guerrilla tactics. I’ll ask to see someone’s iPhone and I’ll add Fluther to their home screen. Or If I go to a friend’s house and their computer is on, I’ll discretely add Fluther to their bookmarks toolbar.

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< < seconds @jp re: @lefteh and @del. BIG TIME!

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i tell everyone but i don’t think anyone cares.
i don’t get it. infinite questions. timely answers to all of yours. woody allen references. points that don’t matter. smart funny people. what’s not to care?

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no but i should

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I got yannick, joeysefika and indirectly got shrubbery to join (we’re in a posse). Does that count?

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