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What do you do when a Jelly has no insight into their problems?

Asked by talljasperman (21798points) December 11th, 2014

From dating to saving money, education, career and family. Someone who really doesn’t get it.

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Keep badgering and explaining patiently. After that one just accepts that in some cases “there are none so deaf as those who will not hear.”

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I don’t badger, I do respond to the questions in a consistent manner. And, along with others on here, will recommend resources to help the person address the issues raised.

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Respond to their questions as helpfully as I can.

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You do your best while keeping in mind these three things: Some people learn. Some people only learn the hard way. Some people NEVER learn!

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Explain my point of view and try to delicately demonstrate the flaw in their thinking.

If they don’t get it I figure eventually they might. They might in the future think back to what the jellies were trying to explain and now it makes sense.

That has happened to me recently with what women in their 40’s and 50’s have tried to tell me before about some of their regrets and feelings about life.

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I assume that maybe I am not understanding the question as stated, and that maybe the asker has not provided enough info. I don’t assume that the asker lacks insight so much as maybe lacks experience.
And of course, some askers don’t want insight or help, they want their own POV to be validated.

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If they ask questions several times, on several different topics, and never get a clue about anything, I just ignore their questions. They give me too much of a headache for anything else.

On another site, I had to squelch someone completely from my feed. I hated her questions and her answers so much because she was so clueless that I just pretended that she didn’t exist.

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“no insight into their problems” Isn’t that extremely rare?

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@stanleybmanly Actually, it’s extremely ironic.

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@dappled_leaves You mean the nature of the site in regards to we who frequent it? Are you saying that our sagely membership is loaded with folks ignorant of their own glaring flaws? I can assure you that I am of course perfect, and therefore eminently qualified to judge the rest of you.

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If I keep giving someone what I consider is good advice and other people give the same advice and it is repeatedly ignored, I stop responding to that person’s questions. There is no point in trying to help someone who does not seem to want to solve their problems.

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Like @Haleth and @janbb, I respond to the best of my ability if I feel my own experience and knowledge qualifies me to do so. Obviously, the jelly is asking for a wide range of input, and if my little bit of it helps, great. If not, well, I’ve done all I can within the constraints of e-communication. Only if I think my first comment requires clarification will I respond to the same question twice.

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. Anyone that knows anything knows that trying to change others is an exercise in futility. I concur with @janbb as well. I am, however, annoyed by willful ignorance and arrogance and will respond on occasion with some spicy retort to stubborn hard headedness and hypocrisy.

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I just shrug my shoulders and realize “it’s the Internet.”

What else can you do?

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No use losing sleep over it. I have some people here who I consider friends, even though we’ve never met. The rest, although we are a community and I wish everyone well, I will never meet and their lives will not affect me personally in any which way, shape or form.

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This has come up for me this week with a jelly who over and over who asks a question, and then argues about why the answer is wrong.

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