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Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater and if so, how ugly is it?

Asked by jca (36043points) December 12th, 2014

Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater?

If so, how ugly is it?

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No. Everyone knows not to buy me clothes and I’d never spend money on a sweater I thought was ugly.

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Nope. No holiday themed clothing whatsoever.

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Yes, it’s pretty fucking ugly. Got it at a thrift style shop that specialized in ugly Christmas sweaters. It was one of the ugliest they had that fit me.

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I really don’t. I would like to go to an ugly sweater party though.

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I am not aware of any ugly Hanukkah sweater manufacturers. (although I imagine they exist)

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There’s one horrible sweater whose sole function is to be sprung on someone at Christmas. This has been a tradition for 30 years. It’s never worn or even removed from the protective air tight bag which has held it now for at least 20 of those years. The trick is to remember who received it last year (I always cheat and write the name of the lucky recipient on Dec. 1 of my desk calendar for the upcoming year). The “present” is usually disguised in a pkg. no way resembling a hiding place for a sweater (a box also containing a 5 pound bag of sugar for example). The sweater is now known as the “McMurphy” and is a big highlight of Christmas. The grandsons in particular find it a hoot.

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It’s SOOOOOOOO ugly….

Nah, I’m just kidding, I don’t have an ugly Christmas sweater. Or any kind of Christmas sweater.

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No, never got into that kind of thing. I don’t even like t-shirts that have big logos on the front.

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No, are you fuckng mad? :D

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@ucme Aw, I think it would enhance your looks!

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@marinelife A little passive aggressive, but it washed right over me…which is nice!

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@ucme I’m sorry if I insulted. I thought that was you on your avatar photo with Santa.

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No ugly holiday sweaters here, not my thing at all, unless it was an ugly Xmas sweater party, then I would go to my local thrift stores and surely find a gem of epic ugly proportions. haha

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No. The only Christmas type clothing I have is red sweaters, gold shirts or gold flecks in winter white tops and trousers.

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No but I know they are very popular right now. I have a friend that owns a used clothing shop and she’s put on the lookout for them. The two women in front of me at the Salvation Army store yesterday were quite proud of their ugly Christmas sweaters.

I have a funny story about an ugly sweatshirt but it’s too long to tell right now.

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@marinelife Insulted? Hahahahahahahaha, that would suggest a grain of truth existed therin.
I was just intrigued by an out of character remark from someone with who I rarely interact, s’all.

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I used to have a sweatshirt in elementary school that my grandmother bought me which I dreaded wearing.

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