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Willie Mays

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Teddy Ballgame baby. higher lifetime average, more HR, and he missed 3 years of his prime as a pilot in the Korean war! that guy was a true hero

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This is not a specific-enough question. Outfielder? Joe Dimaggio. Hitter? Ted Williams. I would not pick either as the best outfielder ever. I think you have to go with Hank Aaron overall, and then Willie Mays, who was probably the best outfielder ever in the field (and one of my childhood heroes).

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Joe Dimaggio for making it into a Simon And Garfunkle song

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Joe Dimaggio because he got to marry Marilyn Monroe

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@ emt333: Dimaggio missed 3 years of baseball to fight the war, too :-) Also, don’t forget about his 56-game hitting streak, his nagging injuries, and that 457-foot long left-center porch at Yankee Stadium… Myself, I call it a tie between the 2 in terms of overall quality…

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Teddy but LOVE the other answers as well

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Teddy ball game

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