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How often, if ever, do you eat soup as a meal at a restaurant? At home?

Asked by orbutsbi (312points) December 12th, 2014

There is a delicious new restaurant in a town near me named “Zoup!” Their menu boards are digital so they can change instantly. They have 14 to 16 fresh soups, 10 to 12 salads, and 10 to 12 sandwiches.

My first visit I got ½ soup and ½ sandwich, and upgraded my soup to a bowl for ninety nine cents. WAY too much food. Next I got a regular ½ and ½. STILL too much food. Since any soup comes with a small loaf of bread I’ve determined all I need for a meal is a cup of soup.

Never before had it occurred to me that soup could be THE meal at a restaurant. It’s been a long time since soup was even a meal at home.

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In a diner, a bowl of soup and a small salad, or a bowl of soup and some bread, mmmmm.

At home, I make chicken soup and we have it as a meal all the time in winter.

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A bowl of hearty, from scratch, soup for lunch in a diner in winter is very satisfying.

We eat a lot of homemade soup for lunch and dinner because it’s an easy way to use up a surplus of vegetables from our garden.

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Chicken and noodles is the only homemade ‘soup’ I make that’s eaten alone, @jca.
I don’t know of a ‘diner’ around here honestly.

When I was a kid, ham and beans was a hot, hearty meal.

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I make a bean soup that you can’t eat with anything else.

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It would have to be a lot of soup, or a heavy/hearty soup, in order for me to consider it a meal. Most soups don’t do much for my hunger. Bread on the side would help with filling me up, but loading up on carbs with little protein to balance it out would surely have me hungry about an hour later. It’s not a meal for me unless it’s got at least 25 g protein.

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Thai soups, especially Tom Kha Kai—is one of my favorite meals. I eat it at least one or two times a week.

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I am the soup mistress. haha
I make soup several times a week in winter. Always have a crock pot of something going.
Tonight was a veggie beef soup made with top sirloin, onions, carrots, celery and potatoes.
Served with fresh garlic french bread. I could live on soups and bread and cheese and olives. I also make a mean bean soup, split pea, and other savory concoctions,

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Panera has great soups and their soup and sandwich combos are quite filling enough for me for a meal.

And at home I’ll sometimes make a meal out of Campbells Chunky Chicken and Corn Chowder.

Other times I’ll make a batch of potato cheese soup. It’s really quite filling as a meal.

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I don’t eat soup in restaurants. I sometimes fancy the French onion soup if I’m in a French restaurant but unless I can wear a bib (which I wouldn’t even if I could), I tend not to order the soup. I’m almost guaranteed to wear it down my front.

I LOVE soup at home though. Especially in the winter (it’s summer here), I will often eat soup for dinner. Chicken soup, pumpkin soup, pea and ham soup. Yum.

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I’ve never eaten soup at restaurants, but I love all kinds of homemade soup. My great grandma brought a recipe for potato soup from Ireland that’s been in my family for I don’t even know how long, and it’s one of the best soups I’ve ever had. I’m a big fan of hearty food in general, so soups, stews and roasts are all way up on my list of delicious food.

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Rarely in a restaurant. Often at home. I haven’t found a restaurant that can offer a soup that tastes better than any soup my husband and I can make.

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I only like two soups, tomato & chicken, this turns into a meal when accompanied by bread for the dipping therof.

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Soup alone (I’m including there might be a few crackers or a piece of bread) probably 2–4 times a month. Mostly at home, but sometimes at a restaurant.

Soup and half sandwich or soup and salad I would eat often if I ate lunch out regularly. I don’t eat out much now since I don’t work full time outside of my home. At home I have soup with something else at least once a week.

I prefer large bowls of soup in the middle of the day, because at night I don’t want to have to pre 5 times.

Soups I have at home are semi homemade black bean, ramen noodles with veggies added, split pea, chicken noodle, beef vegetable, lentil, and on rare occasion matzah ball. When I eat out, pasta figioli, minestrone, split pea, lentil, matzah ball, Mexican chicken, and several Asian soups.

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Typo: should be pee not pre.

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Forgot to mention my other favorite soup: chicken or beef Pho. Love it, love it, love it. Mt favorite Vietnamese restaurant closed a few months ago, but there’s a new one in my neighborhood that’s pretty good.

When I was a kid my mom made the family ox’s tail soup. Boy do I miss that.

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I try not to eat canned soup as they’re full of salt and fat, and other than the occasional diner soup, I try not to eat them from delis, supermarket salad bars or other places where they tend to go for flavor over nutrition (meaning they load them up with salt).

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2–4 times a week, probably. I love all soups I’ve ever tried, so we make it at home a lot. Plus the only food store near me makes fantastic soups, and I work there so I usually have soup for lunch.

@Pachy Mmm, pho – need to drive to town and get me some a that! I wonder how troublesome it would be to make at home…

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I just realized I am having coffee in my Split Pea Andersen’s mug right now. I have the original Split Pea Andersen’s recipe right here on my coffee mug and I have their original seasoning in the kitchen. If anyone wants the recipe pm me. haha

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@wildpotato, I’ve tried cooking ready-made and frozen brands and also making it from scratch, but neither was anywhere near as satisfying as having it at a Vietnamese restaurant, preceded by a couple of spring rolls. Even take-home doesn’t taste quite as good as it is in a restaurant.

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Funny—I hate the taste and consistency of cooked peas but LOVE split pea soup. O, and I love warm or cold borscht with sour cream.

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At least every couple of weeks. Pea, broccoli, cauliflower and potatoe cream I make myself, occasionally I will eat a pumpkin soup (“just add water”, but the healthy kind).

I love freezing batches of soup, and then being able to pull out a quick, home-made meal. I definitely eat soup as a meal, though I like having a bit of bread with it, sometimes a grilled cheese sandwich.

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News Flash! I’m sitting in my favorite Vietnamese cafĂ© right this minute eating good hot chicken Pho! Yum!

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@Pachy Oooh….and you didn’t invite me? Pffft! I’m having a tuna sandwich with sliced cucumbers. haha

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Great answers. I’d forgotten borscht, which I love although I hate cooked beets.

“Zoup!” has delicious lobster bisque which hasn’t been mentioned.

I love the ½ & ½ places…soup with a grilled cheese or Greek salad!

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I go to SF Soup Company a lot for lunch. Just a regular size is plenty for me. Same set up as “Zoup!”, a dozen soups, half are standards, the rest change each day.

I have soup for dinner maybe once or twice a week, especially in the winter,

Tom Yum is a necessity when I have a cold.

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At Panera Bread, but only if it also comes in a bread bowl. Otherwise, I’d probably want something else along with it :)

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Surely one drinks soup, not eats…here, have a fucking straw sir.

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@ucme Broth maybe but my soups are chunky, no straw big enough unless it is the size of a shop vac hose. lol

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We used to have St Louis Bread Company instead of Panera. They had a daily vegetarian soup and I liked that a lot better than Panera. You knew if you went in on Wednesday they would have veggie chili.

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I thought St. Louis Bread company is Panera and the only area it still uses the name St. Louis bread company is in St. Louis. I guess since it has been bought and sold the menus have changed possibly?

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We go to the ramen joint near us a few times per month. Sometimes in the work cafeteria I’ll get soup and a side salad for lunch.

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I thought so too @JLeslie, and that may be. I know when the local place was called St. Louis it had a fixed vegetarian soup for every day of the week. They went out of business then a Panera opened in the same location. I was in 2 Panera 150 miles apart 3 days between, and they had exactly the same soups…none very appetizing to me. I’ll stop in one next I’m in St. Louis.

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@orbutsbi I think it sold and that probably is why the menu changed.

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St. Louis

None of the Panera menus show a soup schedule. I think it’s random and that doesn’t suit me.

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I love the soup and salad or soup and grilled cheese idea. I don’t think that’s something that’s common here. You can order soup but it’s most likely to be as an entree rather than a main meal and cafes don’t tend to offer soup as a lunch option. It would be great if they did.

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We’re having a squash buffet tonight here at the ranch tonight. Grilled acorn and butternut squash, baked yams, home made stuffing and sugar and cayenne pepper roasted walnuts and cherry pie. We like our eclectic funky dinners. haha

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It’s a popular concept in the US @Earthbound_Misfit. ½ & ½…reduced portions of 2 from the soup/salad/sandwich menu. I most generally get a sandwich then either soup or Greek salad depending on the weather.

We have a local restaurant that has the most glorious cheese soup on the salad bar. That and huge bakery-made cinnamon rolls. When I was younger I always left stuffed. Now I leave with the next day’s dinner in a box. :)

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Rarely. Maybe two or three times a year and yet, I really enjoy it when I do have it. For some reason I always crave soup when I am in America, I don’t know why!!

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