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How many shells does a typical tank have?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) December 13th, 2014

Any tank… like a Sherman or a newer model. Wouldn’t the tank constantly need to be refueled and restocked with shells?

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Yes, tanks need constant refueling, rearming. Tanks generally carry two types of shells for the main gun: AP and HE.

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British challenger mk2 carries 52 rounds of 120mm ammo for its main gun.

An M1 carries about 40 120mm or 55 105mm rounds depending on how it’s configured.

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This is the sort of question that startles me. If I were to ask “How many occupants does the typical car have?”, I wonder what the reaction would be here.

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There were several models of Sherman tank with different types of cannon and different ammunition capacity, ranging from about 70 to 100 main gun rounds (generally a mix of types). Yes tanks did/do need to be regularly resupplied, especially with fuel. Also, maintained and repaired.

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