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Do you know anyone (other than me) who isn't living in reality?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) December 14th, 2014

Is her/his dream world seem better than real life? Care to share your story?

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Every single republican, superstitionist and trickle downist.

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Any and every person who believes in some deity and the hereafter is not living in logical reality.

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What is reality?

If you can define reality in a cogent way, I might have a thought. But reality – the term – seems amorphous as a concept.

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@elbanditoroso The outside world vs. anime or Immersion type video game.

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@talljasperman you recognize reality, it’s a little different.

I know several who don’t and every single one of them is an extreme leftist. Unemployed or under-employed with a rice cake on their shoulder and an entitlement mentality mixed with a chicken little complex. I also know some who have a skewed and myopic vision of reality yet they think they have a good grasp of it. They tend to be on the other end of the spectrum.

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I have a couple of friends that do that with Second Life. Roleplay is one thing. But some take it too far.

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I was going to give you the exact answer @ragingloli gave you.

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Every person’s “reality” is different from every other person’s “reality”. Perception is key. An anti-theist’s “reality” is no more real than a theist’s, a woman’s “reality” is no more real than a man’s, and so on.

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Back to life, back to reality…

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Yep, reality is subjective and primarily perception based. Short of the basic laws of physics and extreme mental health issues “reality” is in the mind of the perciever.
As long as you aren’t breaking the law, are paying your taxes and aren’t thinking about jumpi your not hearing your neighbors dog talking to you and telling you to go forth and kill young lovers parked on street corners, you can live in whatever reality you wish. haha

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Oh man..extreme left off thought up there. Never mind, would take too long to ‘splain^^^^ Haha

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How ever do you want me
How ever do you need me…

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If you define “reality” as “real world vs world perceived by the person being mentioned”, then I know a person who believed in some kind of destine that was placed on them and had some distorded view of this world. I won’t go into details since things are a bit complicated.

If you define “reality” as “real world vs movies and video games”, then you have me.

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Back to life, back to the day we have,
Let’s end this foolish game.
Hear me out, don’t let me waste away,
Make up your mind so I know where I stand.

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Reality is just a mutually agreed illusion.

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“A man’s fate is a man’s fate and life is but an illusion.” -old Japanese saying

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