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I still cant get the upgrade to 2.0. I try but it wants to take 5 to 6 hours and times out. Should I just wait till tomorow?

Asked by stevenb (3836points) July 11th, 2008

I want it dang it! I have been trying since last night at midnight and today early, and now I have been at it for a couple of hours. Even the firmware upgrade is taking 6 hours to download. Why is it so flippin slow? Should I wait a couple more days? I am on the west coast time, so I had hoped I could do it this late. Shucky Darns.

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where are you downloading it from (URL) from apple? I need to know cuz I can’t find where to get it.

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Via iTunes when you connect your iPhone for synching & Check for Update.

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Is it out for iPod touch yet?

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I’m waiting until after the weekend, and even then will likely do it in the wee hours when most traffic is down. I also want to copy all of my pictures first, just in case.

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it’s slow because the rest of the known universe (22 countries any way) are also trying to download it or activate their new iPhone (assuming they managed to get one).

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I finally got it up and running and it is wicked. I love it so far, except that I havent figured out the search contacts thing. Anyone know about that? I got it started downloading at 3 am and fonally synced at 6 am. Whew!

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