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What is the best android app that lets you listen to music without wifi?

Asked by kawaii_panda (3points) December 15th, 2014

Please help me! I’m trying to find a music app of some sort that lets me listen to music on my android tablet without needing a WiFi connection. I’v tried so many but none of them worked for me. I need an app that is free, simple to use and good for android tablets only. With NO WiFi required.

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What are you going to use to connect to the internet?

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Do you want an app that only helps you play music files or an app thay can keep you updated with the latest music?

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First of all you have to ensure that your music files are actually installed on your tablet. Once you have done that, any music player app will work. I use the Samsung one that comes pre-installed. If you do not have files stored directly on the tablet you CANNOT play music without wi-fi, not with any app.

If it still isn’t working we need more info: where are your music files stored and what error are you getting when trying to play them?

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You did not make it clear whether it’s your own music files which you want to listen to or music from different sources.

There are a ton of radio apps that will play music without wifi but it may be interspersed with a lot of buffering because your data connection will be a lot slower than wifi. Just put the word radio in the search bar at the Google playstore. There are lots of free ones.

You can also use Pandora (free) which let’s you set up custom stations with the type of music you like.

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Personally, I use doubleTwist for my music files.

As for streaming, you NEED some sort of internet connection to stream music from the internet, and for most tablets, that means Wifi. If you have one with a cellular connection, you better have an unlimited data plan since internet streaming will generally eat your plan at 1MB per minute. Put another way, listening to the radio for 2 hours a day every day will use almost 4GB in addition to any other data you use.

That said, I use TuneIn as it has a selection that Pandora cannot even think of dreaming of… but only on wifi as using it on my data plan even as little as 4 hours a week put me over my 2GB/mth limit.

@Buttonstc Actually, not really. For 3G maybe in areas with spotty reception maybe, but I never had issues in any area where I had at least 3 bars. Catch is, using 3G/4G for streaming murders your data plan (can we say “overage fee”?) while wifi is effectively free.

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You’re absolutely right about killing the data plan. But for some reason the OP specified no wifi. But they just failed to make it clear which type of music they’re referencing.

Not the most clearly written Q I’ve ever encountered :)

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