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When was the last time you had a TV free day and why?

Asked by orbutsbi (312points) December 15th, 2014

Do you remember the last time you went an entire day without television?
“No” is a legitimate answer.

If you remember was it a conscious choice travel or an outage?

I’m working on my second decade without a broadcast TV channel. I just think TV subscription is over-priced and wastes time while turning your brain to mush. My grandmother spent the last few years of her life afraid to leave her apartment in a zero-crime neighborhood because her constant companion was CNN. Crime News Network.

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Saturday, 12/13, 3 days ago.

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Mrs Squeeky and I haven’t had cable,or satellite TV for over 3 years now we get the news and movies from the internet we can go days and days and not even turn the TV on.

Same as our cell phones when not working we don’t even turn them on.

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Details @jca!

What kind of internet do you have @SQUEEKY2? My use is limited.

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Unlimited @orbutsbi we use Skype to much to have anything less.

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No. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t see TV at all during the day.

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Yesterday. I don’t watch TV often. The time when I watch TV is the evening after meal, when my dad turns on the TV for the news. Yesterday I was out all evening so I missed the news.

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@orbutsbi: My job was hosting our annual holiday party for over 500 guests, so I had to take my daughter to my parents’ house and go to the hotel to check in and help set up. Then I went up to shower, change and go down to party. I didn’t get back up to room until after 1:00 a.m Sunday morning.

On a typical weekday, when my 7 year old is here, I may watch The Today Show for a bit in the morning, but at night, it’s all her shows. That’s why I may be on the computer so much.

Someone told me recently about a Roku box. Costco had them for $79 and I was very tempted to get it (still am tempted). It would eliminate a large part of cable bill.

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Unlimited isn’t an affordable option for me @SQUEEKY2.

Consider it a challenge, @Earthbound_Misfit. :)

Good for you! @Mimishu1995 Keep to your studies and friends!

Commendable @jca. I have days I can’t access the internet, but not days a defer to someone else.

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Thanks for the challenge @orbutsbi but I won’t accept it. Watching TV isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Much of my viewing is news consumption and I want to watch the news.

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About three years? I canceled out Cox Cable because of the ridiculous cost. I now watch programs on Netflix or Youtube, or I download shows via bit torrent.

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I don’t keep track, some days I do, some days I don’t. I often have it on and don’t watch because the dogs are soothed the ambient noise and are less likely to to go nuts at every outside noise.
And I agree with @Earthbound_Misfit, not all TV is bad TV.

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When I do watch TV, other than the news or late night (like Letterman), I really only watch documentaries on PBS, HBO or where ever I can find good ones. I DVR them and I try to watch them regularly to make more room on the DVR.

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We usually get up in the mornings to the background of the local news channel. It’s become a habit, and we don’t always pay any attention to it, unless weather and/or road conditions are actually the news.

@jca I received a Roku box as a holiday gift several years ago. I tend to watch it rather than our TV provider. Also, I spend more time listening to Pandora through my Roku than watching either Roku or cable.

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Most of my days are TV free. I rarely watch any broadcast TV except the occasional program on PBS. I do watch some series and films on Netflix in the wintertime.

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I can’t remember the last day I had that we watched television. I think it was a few weeks ago, watching last season’s Walking Dead series.

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Ugh, I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I can’t recall many days in my childhood or adult life that I’ve gone a full day without TV—certainly not since I retired from full-time work. Oh, I’m sure there were off-the-grid activities like camping trips and the occasional coma with no boob-tube viewing, but whether at home, on a business trip or even in the hospital, some TV is part of my daily routine.

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@Pachy Well, especially in the hospital one would want the distraction.

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I’ve been around long enough to understand the ingrained concept “TV bad, no TV good”, but these days there is a lot of quality programming as well as junk. IMO mindful watching of TV is no worse than mindful Internet usage, or mindful pleasure reading.
I just have a crush on Michio Kaku, I like watching whatever he’s on!

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Uhhh unless you count occasionally seeing a TV in bars/restaurants I haven’t watched tv in about 3 months now.

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Almost every day. Other than an occasional series, which I watch on my phone (Breaking Bad, Louie), I have no interest in anything on tv. I have such little time to do things I want to do, and watching tv is probably the least valuable use of time.

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If we’re talking about literally watching programs on a television set, then it’s been about six years since I’ve watched TV. It’s only recently that I’ve even come to own a working television (gift from my father-in-law), and my wife and I only use it for the occasional video game (I’ll get that DVD player set up one of these days).

There are a lot of options these days for watching what would generally be considered television programming, however, such as Hulu and Netflix. We don’t use those much either, but we do keep up with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (both of which have their own streaming video sites). The last time we watched either of those was Sunday night.

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I watch Netflix occasionally (more right now, because I’m procrastinating from final papers!) but generally I don’t watch that much TV. It doesn’t hold my attention unless I’m looking for something specific or watching a series, and I don’t really have time for it.

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Yesterday. On average, I’d say I watch something or other about four days of the week. Mostly series on the Internet, but I consider that TV.

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I don’t watch TV on 1–2 sometimes 3 days, of the week. That’s not a choice, I just have other things to do. I usually won’t watch Netflix or other things on those days either. Most days, I will watch 1–2 hours, sometimes more, but I’m always doing something else while I’m watching, like cooking, cleaning, fixing something, things like that.

If I work a sloooow night shift with little to do but I need to stay awake and wait for pages, I will watch TV. I bring my ipad and I use something called a Slingbox at home be which allows me to access my channels and DVR on my ipad. So yeah, I do that.

I actually don’t think it’s that expensive. I pay about $70/month for cable and Internet. I get almost 1000 channels. I have my own DVR. My Internet isn’t super fast but clearly it’s enough to stream and make calls over.

Btw, in a way, I consider Netflix and other streaming services to be “TV” in a way. It’s just moving images on a screen with sound and you sit and stare at it. I have a couple friends who were pretty self righteous about not having a TV yet they spent hours watching Netflix. It’s really the same thing in terms of consumption.

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I’m really not a TV person, at times I’ve gone up to a year with no TV.

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Today…..I don’t watch much TV. I don’t have time,and when I do, there are lots of other things I prefer doing. Very few people I know at my college even have TVs.

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I quit my TV about four years ago. They kept raising the rates without consulting with me (the changes just showed up on my credit-card bill) and I found myself channel-surfing for utter crap because my husband had died and it kept me company.
I dumped it, much to the amazement and distress of the company that provided the programming (we had a fully-owned dish). I watch Netflix in winter like @janbb does, but not much. And I bought into Downton Abbey through Hulu. I admit it.

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Today, yesterday, tomorrow, next week.

Because I hate TV, especially Japanese TV, which, I can safely aver, is the absolute worst in the world.

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I rarely watch TV so a TV free day would not be that big of a deal. I do watch the news but rarely watch any of the regular programs. None of it interests me that much.

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I watch TV only in evening.However I was a busy today and missed my show.

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