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What American movies show the Middle East in a positive light?

Asked by JLeslie (59808points) December 16th, 2014 from iPhone

My husband was asking what American movies have been made that show the Middle East in a positive light. Not including Israel.

I have said before that the first Middle Eastern city I remember hearing about and portrayed on TV was Baghdad on I Dream of Jeannie.

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Kingdom of Heaven.

That may seem like a strange choice, considering it depicts the 1187 Siege of Jerusalem, but it makes the Holy Land look like a prize worth fighting for. A land of potential.

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What is a positive light? Lawrence of Arabia was pretty good. Tobruk was a great war movie that took place in Libya.

Need to define what qualifies as positive.

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I think I would define it as any movie that isn’t showing brutality going on. I guess a movie that is set in the Middle East that is a drama, comedy, love story, or light hearted. No violence, no inference of Islamic extremism.

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I can’t think of any. My first thought was the movie Persepolis, but that isn’t US made.

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Lawrence of Arabia

An epic movie with breathtakingly beautiful cinematography.

Yes, there’s violence in warfare but at least it’s historically accurate.

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Three Kings George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube

Drama with comedic moments.

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Wasn’t there violence in Three Kings?

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