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When was the last time something happened to you that you reacted to with child-like delight?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42446points) December 16th, 2014

I just love unexpected things. We have a cabinet with two nooks. One side holds the flat screen, the other houses this made-to-look-antique radio-CD player. It looks like something from the 40s.

Anyway, I was messing with some wires behind the radio, when saw, on the back of the wall behind the radio, an image of my neighbors house across the street! It was so neat. There was a logical explanation, of course, and it only took a second to find it (the houses were reflecting in a pair of my husband’s reading glasses and projected the image to the wall behind them,) but still, it was delightful!

Another time I walked in to my kitchen and stopped short. There were “rainbows”: EVERYWHERE in the kitchen! They were all over the walls and furniture! It was just delightful. Had to find the cause of course, and it took a bit of doing, but here is what caused it. A CD stuck in the pocket of my purse, which was sitting on the table facing a west window.

Just fun, quirky, unexpected stuff, and I love it!

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Last night. I only had 10 bucks to my name and I was tired of sitting inside so I went and got 2 beers and watched a show alone at a cool bar. I ended up meeting some people and had a great time. Once I told them I moved here alone I got some numbers and potential new friends.

I’m an only child so there’s still a apart of me that gets super excited when people interact with me because I’m used to being alone.

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Playing Dragon Age Inquisition. It’s such a huge game with so many areas to explore. It never gets boring ever. And there are dragons and they creep me out. The game is so well made that you feel so into it. I never gave a fuck about dragons before, but in this it makes everything so magical and special and warm and fuzzy.

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I had ALL my finals yesterday. Four tests. Aftewrads I went to visit my boyfriend in his lab at like midnight and suddenly smelled bacon. I followed my nose until I found a room where people were just cooking bacon and handing it out to all the stressed engineers who had finals and lab work. Fuck yes, bacon.

After we got home my brain decided it was done and I kind of just collapsed on my floor and giggled until my boyfriend caught it and then we were both just giggling and rolling around. It was adorable.

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Well not happened to me but because of me. I decided to play fight with my husband when he got home from work and pushed him onto the bed and jumped on top of him. Trouble was, I didn’t notice the fur babies behind me who decided they should help and also jumped on the bed. So the four of us were rolling around, with three of us (me and the fur children), attacking the poor man. It was very funny!

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This happens every time I cum, the wife hates it when I clap & punch the air shouting yay, me did it!

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