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Has the threat against movie theaters changed your interest in seeing "The Interview"?

Asked by filmfann (49070points) December 16th, 2014

Detailed here North Korea seems to be threatening the safety of anyone seeing this movie.
Will you let the terrorists win?

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Sounds like someone wants to imitate the recent terrorist attack to me. The world will be full of fear? Can they come to my place too?

And what is so special about that movie that someone has to kill anyone watching it?

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The lack of beer, lack of real food, and lack of weed keeps me away from movie theaters more than the terrorist threat.

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Nothing has changed at all.

I had zero interest in seeing it prior to this threat and I still have no interest in paying money to see this in theaters.

I’m just not a big fan of Seth Rogen’s type of filmmaking.

I liked him and Franco so much better in the unfortunately prematurely canceled “Freaks and Geeks” ; that was a quality show.

Rogen’s movies are amateurish and just not that funny to me personally so I don’t consider them worth spending money and time on.

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Movie theaters are for seeing things like Interstellar. I’m not even going to see the new Dumb and Dumber movie in the theater. I’m on a budget so I can’t afford to see potentially crappy movies in the theater.

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I had no interest in seeing it (in fact, I never heard of it before now), and I have no interest in seeing it now.
“The Dictator” by Sacha Baron Cohen already was not terribly interesting, and I do in fact expect less from lesser film makers.

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I was never interested in seeing the movie. I’m not a big fan of comedy when it comes to movies. I like Drama better.

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I hadn’t planned to see the movie. But if I had, then no, I would not be dissuaded by some nebulous threat from N Korea.

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As for me, I had no interest in seeing this movie until this nonsense started. Now, I feel like not seeing this movie supports terrorism.
Seth Rogan movies are fitfully funny. Most of the time, he just describes what we just watched happen, and he thinks that’s funny. “Whoa! You just pushed a button and the floor flipped over and this car appeared!”

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Haha, fucking losers!
What they gonna do, turn the lights on & off?

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It hasn’t changed my judgment that this film will be more interesting as a social and political phenomenon than as a piece of entertainment. So, no, the threats haven’t affect my desire to see it.

Frankly, even if I had wanted to see it, the thought of North Korean terrorists succeeding at making a strike on the theatre I chose to see it in (or any theatre, for that matter) kind of boggles the mind. They talk a lot about harming outsiders. The only people they seem to harm are their own citizens.

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I was a little interested in seeing it before and now that movie theaters are being threatened (and, unfortunately, caving into the threats), it does kinda make me want to see it, just to send a “fuck you” message to North Korea. But unfortunately, “the terrorists (or potential terrorists) win” most of the time.

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I’m just as uninterested in seeing The Interview now as I was before I learned of any threat.

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North Korea may be having fun now, but this is actually the sort of publicity that money can’t buy. There is no one left in this country unaware of the movie or its plot. No one can predict how many more dollars in revenue will be generated due to the the constant attention now FORCED on the flick, but it’s a good bet that sales will go through the roof.

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Not “may have lost”. It’s a bet I’ve out and out lost. Who would have anticipated corporations swerving from profits due to fear an intimidation? It’s outrageous and unAmerican!

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If I didn’t know any better I would think that this was a prank to “hype” up the movie?
I would view the movie though, looks interesting and funny.

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