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Would you take a cruise to Cuba?

Asked by filmfann (49337points) December 17th, 2014

How long before such things will happen?

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I would love to go to Cuba. The food is fantastic.

No clue when it will happen but travel from Canada to Cuba is normal (popular spring break destination) so hopefully it happens soon.

It is time for all the Cuba stupidity to end. It should have ended 40 years ago. But I guess it is politically helpfully to have a bogieman 100 miles away.

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There have been limited tourist trips for Americans to Cuba for a little while now, although such trips are heavily controlled and only a handful of operators have been granted license by the US government to do so. But yeah, absolutely, I’d take a trip to Cuba if I had the means to do so.

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Yes and there would be much to learn from them politically!

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In a New York minute!

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No thanks. Lots of other places I’d rather see.

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I’d take my good friend Tom, he likes to be called Jerry, like the cartoon.
Then I think i’d bring a tour guide Mr Gooding Jr, sounds a pretty expensive trip however, i’ll go to the bank & ask them to show me the money!

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Not right away, but yes – it would be fascinating.

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When I cruise in the Caribbean I don’t care too much which island it is. You’re only there for half a day and it all starts to look the same. If Cuba was on the itinerary and our relations with Cuba normalizes, then I would go.

The pictures I’ve seen of Cuba look just like South Beach in Miami to me. I’ve spent tons of time there. I had a condo there for a while. The county Miami is in is something like 70% Hispanic. A pretty significant amount of the Hispanics there are Cuban. I love Cuban food. I like it better than Mexican food. Anyway, I don’t have a huge desire or curiosity to go to Cuba, partly because I live in Florida and I already have palm trees and sun and the terrain and architecture won’t be that big of a deal I don’t think.

My BIL used to go there for business, I don’t know if he still does, and he had stories of how bad it is. My husband’s cousins went for a couple if days to get some medicine and his one cousin said she was afraid to eat there. They can be overly dramatic, so I’m not sure it was that bad. Maybe.

The last time we allowed flights to Cuba it didn’t last too long. There definitely weren’t any cruises from America. It will be interesting to see what happens this time.

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For some reason, a lot of women from that region have big butts. I would love to visit.

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You can just go to Miami, I’m telling you. Even Mannequins in stores in Miami have more backside.

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@Blackberry Leave it to you to find the perfect reason for visiting.

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I hate cruises, so no

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Cuba doesn’t appeal to me, so no.

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Absolutely! Cuban food is amazing as is cuban music. Maybe not right now, this minute, but I’m all for exploring this world whenever possible. Here at the ranch we often put on cuban music while cooking and having some wine, great fun.

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I’m not a big fan of cruises but I would love to take a tour there at some point.

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No. I don’t like cruises. And I don’t like contributing to a communistic dictatorship far more.

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You say as you access this site on a device that was probably made in China, a communist dictatorship.

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@Darth_Algar What is your point. About everything is made in China nowadays. I just prefer not to contribute if I have a choice in the matter.

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No, but only because I wouldn’t take a cruise anywhere. I’d visit by flying, though.

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