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Did you bring home a huge XMas Tree or a Charlie Brown Tree?

Asked by Broken_EarthAngel (771points) December 18th, 2014

I suppose we all have our own way of showing lots of cheer or very lil.

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We got a 5’ 8” tree, pretty full, just a bit quirky.

Any tree decorated with love is perfect.

Charlie Brown’s tree was ”...not bad at all, really.Maybe it just needs a little love”. (-Linus Van Pelt)

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Our local xmas tree farm has “special” trees, which are marked with blue tags. They are a bit funky, but we like them like that (plus, they’re less expensive). We tag them in late November, and then head back a couple of weeks later to saw it down. Our tree this year has a freakishly-thin trunk and is a bit thin in parts. Does the job, however.

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We use an artificial tree. When I was growing up we’d go over on the hill and cut a Charlie Brown tree. It did everything we needed plus it was put up with love. That’s what really counts. :)

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Looks up very true!!!

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No tree. The kitten would destroy it.

But my sister has one and we are doing the holiday stuff at her house.

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The tree we got this year is 7 feet tall and is my current avatar.

@johnpowell Cats do love them. Our cats sleep under our tree every year, but kittens would definitely be all over it. Did you name it yet?

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No name yet.. I am leaning towards Superhoodie since misfits is the best show ever and I am stupid.

My female mother cat is is now Dobby due to my insane love of Peep Show.

Dobby is set in stone.

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We are broke college students so our tree looked like this.

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We bought a 9’ tall artificial tree, which is beautiful. My wife also pulled a 3’ artificial tree out of storage, and it is as ugly as imaginable. She insisted on decorating it. As far as I am concerned, she just put lipstick on a pig, but she is happy with it.

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We brought home an 8 ft scotch pine this year. Our Santa topper barely fit.

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@ jonsblond Looks up: WOW did you get a nose bleed way up there? lol Its a lovely tree!

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Haha. Not quite. thank you

You just reminded me of the time when my husband poked his eye with a needle one year when he was putting lights on the tree. We ended up in the emergency room and he wore a patch on his eye that Christmas.

we can laugh about it now

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@jonsblond That sounds like an EPIC story already! Every Family needs a trooper! :)

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I gave away most of my Christmas ornaments except sentimental ones to the Goodwill Thrift shope for others to have a good Christmas.
I picked up an old fish tank and filled with fake snow and added animal figures to depict a country scene , then I added a 12 inch spruce tree with lights.
I saw a beautiful display in a florist shop of a glass bubble with an opening with a country scene as well..very expensive but look fantastic. One can creat your own with a huge bottle on its side the same way as ships in a bottle look.

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