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Does anyone else hate the new facebook iPhone app?

Asked by Patrick_Bateman (747points) July 12th, 2008

It seems like they forgot that the release date was the 11th and just rushed an unfinished product.

No wall posts?!

The web app is far superior.

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yep the web app was much more useful you could view other peoples Walls for example.

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I agree, complete garbage. In terms of usefulness, reigns supreme, followed closely by the iPhone web app, and then at the very bottom, the actual Facebook App… My question is: How can 2 programmers make Super Monkey Ball in 2 weeks, which is a full 3-D application, and Facebook with it’s army of Programmers has a couple months and releases this garbage?

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It does the basics. It’s good for me.

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Still, uploading photos directly to Facebook? Great.

Not being able to upload any photo on your phone to Facebook? Not great.

Inbox? Great.

Chat? Freaking amazing.

No wall posts? Freaking stupid.

They did some stuff right, but other stuff not at all. This is stuff that they will hopefully address in updates. I think we should stay tuned for the moment… being able to poke someone but not being able to write on their wall or see your own wall, can’t be the product they want.

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On another note, the style of the app is fantastically done. Remains on-brand with both the phone and Facebook, which some other developers (namely eBay) found hard to do.

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I will agree that it is lacking quite a number of features, but hey, it does have chat, and that is something tons of people wanted.

I was fiddling with it last night at 2 AM seeing what all it could do, I wasn’t sure if I was tired out of my mind, or if stuff was literally.. not there, thanks for proving I wasn’t being retarded lol

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FYI, the official Facebook webapp is available on Launchrz – [link]

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