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How to raise funds for medical costs?

Asked by Unbroken (10714points) December 20th, 2014

My situation is the doctors will not release me for any type of work. I can’t receive unemployment because I have to be actively looking and have a doctor’s form allowing me to work. Public assistance I was getting food stamps but then I had to get recertified… and was in the hospital missed the deadline now I have to resubmit completely.. The next interview is months away.. and that was the soonest… I probably qualify for other benefits now but I still have to wait months for an appointment.

I have applied for ssi but was denied I appealed but then was in the hospital and missed the deadlines… then they lost my paperwork and I had to resubmit a. I get paid 362 every month from disability. I travel out of town every month for treatment that my insurance won’t cover anything but the medical cost. I take 30+ supplements. I live upon my parents charity right now. But they are in their 60’s 50’s. They haven’t even retired yet. I don’t want to be a sponge. I just don’t see any way of avoiding it..

Is there a way I can raise funds in the community or online so that I can at least distribute my costs among those who actually choose to donate?

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Wait, I’m confused, if the doctors won’t release you to work, how do you have a doctor’s form that allows you to work?

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There are online fundraising sites people use (such as gofundme). I have not used any personally for fundraising, but I have donated to a few people using them. Once you start your fundraising campaign, you would have to get the word out about it so people could donate to you. I’ve seen some campaigns that raise a decent amount of money.

Next time you have appointments while you are in the hospital, as for a case manager or social worker. They can help you sort things out and arrange to have your appointments rescheduled sooner.

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I work at a hospital in North Carolina
We have an extensive charity plan for patients who legitimately can not pay their bills. I don’t know if they will help out with medication costs, but you should ask
Next time you are there for treatment, ask about it.
I know this is only a partial solution it is a step you can take.


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@seekingwolf I have a form to be filled out but the doctors refuse to fill it out yet. I will ask each of them what goal I need to reach for them to feel comfortable signing off on it. My wording was unclear… I didn’t reread the post..

@seaofclouds I will try that. It sounds pretty straightforward. thank you!

@srmorgan no one has informed me of that possibility. I will definitely try it. :)

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