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Is there a way to hide the small smiley face on a weblog?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) July 12th, 2008

They use it to keep track of visitor stats, I believe. Is there any way to hide it without using custom CSS (something you pay for on They should have really used a blank transparent image in my opinion, but there we go. It looks like a few dead pixels on the screen in the Prologue theme… quite annoying!

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I can’t find any way to do it without custom CSS.
Which would just be img#wpstats{width:0px;height:0px;overflow:hidden} at the end of the stylesheet.

That’s a really bad call on their part, if you ask me. I’d consider bitching at them.

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Yeah, I even removed it in CSSEdit using a stylesheet override, but then couldn’t be assed coughing up the $15 to be able to edit CSS. Guess I’ll have to dig out my wallet (PayPal account) then. Thanks lefteh… just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed something in the admin interface.

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Why don’t you just host the blog yourself?

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Oh by the way, the realms of Google say that if you remove it or set display to none, your stats will be messed up. So if you care about the stats being accurate, I’d use the code I posted up there ^

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Yeah, it’s the loading of the image in the server log that causes the count, so if the element is hidden most browsers won’t load it’s associated contents.

This is a ‘site is down’ updates blog, so it makes sense to host it on a server that will never go down, without having to pay fees. To be fair, $15 is totally worth it, I was just wondering if I’d missed it.

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Ah, yeah, definitely makes sense to host it on Wordpress then.

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Thanks for the help anyway, it’s really appreciated. :)

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display:none won’t work, but how about visibility:hidden? I think the first will cause that the browser won’t request the element to the server, so it won’t be logged and you won’t get accurate stats… I don’t know if visibility:hidden would get the element and so add to the stats

Another option might be to resize the image with css, since it is a block element you might get away with something like “width: 1px !important; height: 1px !important” or something like that…

Anyway, you would still need custom CSS

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@felipelavinz: visibility:hidden still doesn’t load the image in most browsers – the browser won’t do this until it’s needed. If you set an element containing an image to hidden and then make it visible via javascript, there is a small delay until it appears as the browser loads it.

I’ll just resize the image to 1px x 1px. Thanks again both!

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How come you’re using rather than hosting yourself?
Not being able to hack about with the CSS must suck!

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This is a ‘site down’ blog, so it seems sensible to host it on a server that will never go down. To be fair, $15 is worth it, I was just wondering if I’d missed anything. :)

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Aaah, craftiness!

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